Sleepwear You Need if You Run Warm

Sleepwear You Need if You Run Warm

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential. We all know the benefits of being well-rested, from having a more productive day to our general happiness and energy levels. There are a ton of things we can do to ensure we’re maximizing our ability to have restful and restorative nights, from picking the right beds, pillows, and bedsheets to pinning down the nighttime routines that work best for us. And just as important as our bedroom setups and getting in good bedtime habits is the sleepwear we choose to put on before climbing into bed.

This can be especially true if you’re someone who runs warm. While there are people out there who can somehow rock flannel PJs and pile on the blankets no matter the season, many of us deal with overheating at night. If you tend to generate a lot of heat as you sleep and have felt the discomfort of waking up in a pool of sweat, gasping for cold water, then you likely know the importance of finding the right sleepwear. The good news is that with any of the PJs listed below, you’ll be able to drift off to dreamland without overheating.

Knit Pajama Sets

When it comes to the best women's sleepwear for people who run warm, a knit pajama set is essential. The ideal knit PJ set for beating the nighttime sweats features a short-sleeve tee and matching shorts. You’ll want to ensure the shorts have a comfy elastic waist to avoid anything that feels restrictive. And the soft jersey knit material will provide airy comfort that’ll rock you right to sleep.

Opt for a set that has a scoop neckline to allow for maximum airflow. For a pair of PJs cute enough to also wear while you’re lounging around at home, go for a fun teal tie-dye or a summer gold and pink stripe set.

Breezy Cotton Tanks

Another sleepwear essential if you run warm is women's cotton tank tops. These super airy and comfortable tops make for great sleep shirts if you’re someone who tends to run warm. Pair a Supima cotton tank in a shade like cloudy blue with cute, cotton poplin pajama shirts in a cute dusty floral print.

This sleepwear combo features materials that are lightweight and breathable for cloudlike comfort. Plus, cotton tanks are great to have on hand anyway, as you can also rock them out and about with denim shorts on a summer day or even with workout leggings at the gym. It doesn’t get much more versatile than that!

Airy Nightgowns

Lightweight lounge dresses and breezy nightgowns are also ideal sleepwear options if you want to stay cooler as you sleep. Opt for a breathable, oh-so-soft Supima cotton midcalf nightgown dress or a cotton short-sleeve knee-length nightgown. You can choose your favorite pattern, like dusted rose paisley or blue stripes, or go for a solid color.

Another thing we love about lounge dresses and nightgowns is also how fuss-free they are. You have a complete nighttime or even lazy Sunday outfit with a single clothing item, making these a truly effortless option. And when it comes to drifting off to sleep and enjoying a slow morning, it should always be nothing short of effortless.

Cloudlike Chambray

For a pajama bottom option that’s as cute as it is cloudlike, look no further than cotton chambray sleep shorts. These PJ bottoms are a beautiful light blue shade and constructed with lightweight chambray cotton that’s ideal for catching all of the zzz’s without losing sleep from waking up in a sweat. These shorts will keep you as cool as the other side of the pillow while also being cute enough to wear for any weekend lounging.

Pair with a short-sleeve cotton sleep shirt for an easy PJ set that you’ll daydream about changing into all day.

Lightweight Robes

The last (but certainly not least) item on our list of sleepwear must-haves for people who run warm might be a surprising one, but hear us out. While many robes are extra plush and can be thought of as a layer to add some warmth, there are actually breezy and breathable robes.

Opt for a women’s robe in a soft yet lightweight and breathable cotton blend and a length that falls right above the knee. This style of robe is perfect for wearing while you complete your nighttime skincare routine or to throw on when you get out of bed and head for your first cup of morning coffee after a good night’s sleep.

Staying comfortable throughout the night is key to having a restful night, which is essential for facing (and enjoying!) whatever the day brings. Wake up bright-eyed and ready to go when you opt for sleepwear that helps you stay as cool as possible throughout the night!


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