Are Slacks Dress Pants?

Are Slacks Dress Pants?

Pants, trousers, jeans, and many more are some of the world's most used garments, but little do we know about some of them.

Slacks, for example, are technically dress pants just taken to a much more comfortable and relaxed way. Still, they share many of the same characteristics as dress pants. The terms slack and dress pants might be used interchangeably, just referred to differently by millennials and other generations older than them. Still, frankly, they are almost the same.

The only difference between dress pants and slacks is the way we refer to them. The term "slack" became outdated, so we call them to dress pants today.

Details of Slack Pants

The term Slack actually comes from the old Saxon term "slak," which, if you are not an expert like myself, means something loose like the ends of a rope or sail, so if you see more into the pants itself, it indeed is like this.

On the other hand, something that distinguishes slacks from other pants is the material it is made of: wool. This makes it more like a breathable garment. It is also used for slightly warmer temperatures as the fabric helps make the legs a little warmer for those cold days.

Details of Dress Pants

The term itself explains everything about the fit of it and the way it looks. For example, men's pants are more likely to be used for more formal attire, like a wedding or an office meeting that is way too uptight for a summer day, but wanting to keep it classier is when you guys can use it.

Although the men's pants are different from the women's pants, they have something in common. The dress pants are used to upscale an outfit to impress, making it a little more elegant rather than edgy.

Slacks vs. Dress Pants = Different?

Simply put, no. When it comes to the differences between these garments, it's all about outdated terms. For example, generations born in the earlier half of the 20th century are more likely to talk about "slacks." In contrast, modern generations will speak about "dress pants."

Still, when they head to a store to find this garment, they'll both be shopping from the same clothing rack.

How to Style: Women

There are many ways you can use these pants for so many occasions. Use it with a fitted women's blouse and sneakers to go to a coffee shop, and master the Parisian careless, chic style. If you want to impress your teammates, pair it up with a little pointed heel and the same colored blazer to feel empowered by your ideas.

For an exquisite dinner with your crush, pair it up with a trendy women's dress shirt for a more relaxed but still dressy look. The limits are endless when it comes to how to style your favorite pair of slacks. So, next time you are browsing through our women's collections, catch your favorite one to use as soon as possible.

How to Style: Men

On the other hand, men are a little more difficult as the slacks for you guys are more formal to wear, but don't worry, I got your back!

To go to your favorite local pub, pair it with a men's blazer and a pair of your favorite white sneakers, or if you want something even more casual, men's crewneck tops paired up with some beige khakis and white sneakers will make you look very trendy and at the same time relaxed.

But dress pants can also be edgy and risky while still being elegant. Pair your dress pants with a men's sport coat to find the perfect balance between casual and formal wear.

So, Are They?

They are the same in many ways. Both can be used to be upscale and formal attire every day and look classic and classy. The fit is actually where both of them differ. On the one hand, slacks are way looser on the bottom. The fit on the waist can be less stiff to sit on, as on the other hand, dress pants are more likely to be tighter than you will start to feel after using them for way too long. Either is to be used on casual or elegant occasions. The slacks fit more loosely on the legs and waist, making it a much more comfortable option to choose. On the other hand, dress pants make the look much more elegant, making the appearance dressier.

Which one should you choose, you ask. Depending on the moment you want to wear it, having both styles in your closet can help you pull up many outfit ideas. Here, at Lands' End, we have hundreds of styles for men or women to choose from, so start browsing to find the styles that best match your closet.


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