Best Men's Ski Outfits

Best Men's Attire for a Ski Trip

Get ready for your next ski trip by packing the proper attire with a list of men's ski outfit ideas. In addition to ski wear, you’ll also need outfits for the lodge, such as men’s jeans and tops. There are lots of options when it comes to men's ski clothing, and many of these pieces are great for wearing on and off the slopes. Read on to get some fashionable men's ski wear ideas that you can use all winter.

Snow Pants

Men’s snow pants are a must when you’re speeding down the slopes. Look for waterproof snow pants crafted from a durable material, such as polyester. You’ll also want a pant with insulation such as PrimaLoft. This type of insulation keeps you warm without weighing you down, so it won’t affect your performance. Some snow pants have a vent on the legs for maximum breathability – you might also want a pair with snow gaiters to keep flakes from getting past your cuffs.

You can wear men’s long underwear with snow pants for an extra layer of warmth. Close-fitting knit pants are also good to wear with this type of pant.

Snow Bibs

If you want maximum coverage and protection underneath your coat, opt for a pair of snow bibs. They have many of the same features as snow pants, such as lightweight insulation and a waterproof exterior. With coverage for your top and bottom, you’ll stay warmer longer thanks to a snow bib. Choose bibs with adjustable straps for a custom fit. Other features you may want include zippered pockets for holding important items.

As with snow pants, you can wear thermal undergarments beneath snow bibs for plenty of warmth. Choose tops and bottoms crafted from breathable fabric for comfort. It’s also a good idea to go for garments with a hint of stretch, so you never feel confined.

Winter Vests

Another piece of apparel you may want for your ski trip is a men’s winter vest. You can wear one of these vests with snow pants underneath your coat. They add an extra layer of warmth and protection against the elements, and they come in various styles to suit your preferences. There are down vests and those insulated with a down-alternative material. You’ll also find men’s fleece vests, which are super-soft and come in an array of on-trend colors.

Winter Boots

Boots are an imperative part of your ski outfit. You’ll want insulated winter boots to keep your feet warm. It’s also important to choose a waterproof boot so moisture won’t soak through. Another important feature to look for when shopping for winter snow boots is a durable outsole. A tread pattern on the bottom of the boot helps add grip, so you get excellent traction even when you’re walking in the snow. If you’re stuck between sizes when buying winter boots, go for a size up to make sure there’s enough room for thick socks.

Winter Coats

There are all kinds of men’s winter coats to consider taking on your ski trip. If you want to travel light, opt for a packable coat. This style of coat is easy to fold up, so it helps save room in your suitcase. Men’s packable down coats offer plenty of warmth, and they’re water-resistant to protect against any snowfall. Or, consider a heavy-duty hooded parka. This coat style has the features you need to brave the snowiest slopes, such as a waterproof exterior and lightweight insulation that buffers you against the frostiest temperatures.

Ski Lodge Outfits

Skiing isn’t the only part of a ski vacation. It’s likely you’ll be hitting the lodge for dinner and drinks or doing some local shopping. No matter what your recreational activities consist of, you’ll be ready for anything with the right men's ski outfit. Consider a pair of khaki slacks with a casual button-up long-sleeve shirt, which is an outfit you can wear almost anywhere. Or, opt for a pair of loose-fit jeans topped with a cashmere sweater for a look that’s both laid-back and upscale. You might also want to pack a blazer, which can be worn with trousers or jeans over a variety of shirt styles.

Cold Weather Accessories

It’s important to pack men’s cold-weather accessories when preparing for your ski trip. Gloves are a must because they protect your hands from the snow. You’ll also need a hat to keep your head warm. There are a variety of styles from which to choose, including knit beanies in various colors and styles. You might also want to grab a scarf to put an extra layer of warmth between you and the cold winter air.

When choosing ski trip apparel, the most important things to look for are warmth and comfort. Luckily, there are all kinds of warm, comfortable winter clothes for men that are also stylish. Whether you prefer a classic look or something on-trend, you’ll find the best men's ski outfits that suit your personality. Hopefully, you've found a few men's ski outfit ideas that will work for your next trip to the slopes!


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