6 Ways to Style Wide Leg Jeans

6 Ways to Style Wide Leg Jeans

By now, we’ve all seen the new denim trend on the rise: high-waisted, wide-leg jeans. The look can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to purchasing and wearing wide-leg jeans. But you’re in luck because here is everything you need to know about how to style wide-leg jeans.

First, Find Your Fit

Whether you’re petite, slim, or curvy, the wide-leg jean happily happens to fit and flatter every body type. The secret is length. You’ll want to pick a wide-leg pair of jeans that creates a long silhouette. This means the jean's waist starts high, hugs your body in only the right places (your hips), and then drops to the heel of your shoe and no longer. Don’t let those jeans drag on the ground!

If you’re feeling comfy, casual vibes, sneakers, and flats pair just fine with wide-leg jeans. But if you’re dressing up your look, we suggest adding a heel to your outfit and lengthening the hem of your jeans to create a dramatically long look to your lower body. Wearing tight-fit, tucked-in, or cropped tops add to your wide-leg jean style by keeping the emphasis on your jeans. Keep your tops simple, particularly if your jeans have patterns, tears, or added hardware to them.

Women's cardigans and blazers are good additions to your outfit, but keep them open and make sure the fit of the tops hits higher on the hips. You want to avoid looking too baggy overall or taking away from your long silhouette.

Stay on Trend with Color

If you’re bored of the traditional light-blue jeans, wide-leg jeans come in a range of washes. In spring and summer, the off-white or white jeans style, paired with light, neutral-toned tops, feels fresh, clean, and smart.

While washed-out women's black jeans and jeans in deep shades of gray have a sleek, everyday appeal. Tailor your femininity, or reveal your inner rockstar by paying close attention to your color choice.

Pick Your Style

If the trends we’ve mentioned still have you feeling intimidated to try wide-leg jeans, then pick a style that fits with your personality. One option is to stay classic. Pick a plain white women’s T-shirt and tuck it into a high-waisted, medium-to-light wash wide-leg jean. You’ll look comfy and casual, yet on-trend. Pair your look with a nude, open-toed sandal.

You might also choose to dress it up by adding a cropped sweater and chunky gold jewelry. Combining wide-leg jeans and sweaters can be tricky. You don’t want to lose your silhouette and look big and bulky from behind. But if you allow for even a tiny bit of midriff above your waistline, you’ll keep your length without risking the bulk. If a sweater feels too fabric-heavy, try fitted tops with cut-outs on the shoulders, body shirts, tank tops, or tube tops. A sleek top and loose-fitting bottom can balance out beautifully.

Another option is to try a double dose of denim. A darker shade of blue denim jeans matched with a button-down denim shirt creates the ultimate power suit. An oversized denim jacket paired with a cropped shirt, and high-waisted wide-leg jeans is another fan-favorite.

For plus-sized women, a criss-cross blouse that accentuates your bust and thins at the waist can be very flattering tucked into wide-leg, plus-size jeans. For petite women, try the cropped wide-leg jeans style. The secret is not to let the loose fabric overwhelm your form. Find a tailor and make sure your jeans stop above your ankle, then slip on a cute sandal or sporty sneaker, and you’re good to go!

Whichever style you choose, don’t be afraid to try the wide-leg jean trend. We promise, no matter your body type, there’s a wide-leg pair of jeans out there waiting for you.


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