6 Ways to Embrace the Cottagecore Trend

6 Ways to Embrace the Cottagecore Trend

With drastically more time spent at home working in front of computer screens, Cottagecore enthusiasts embrace the simpler, natural, and sustainable elements of the outdoors, indoors. If you’ve introduced sourdough starter, floral prints, herb gardens, or your grandmother’s favorite knitting needles into your home over the past year, then this list is for you.

Find Your Natural Color Palette

Cottagecore fans gravitate toward the neutral color palette with pops of warm accents. Think of it as a nod to the old English countryside, pairing natural linens with whimsical and romantic cottage flowers. Create this Cottagecore atmosphere in your home from the moment you enter by using natural welcome mats and canvas, rope, or seagrass storage containers for everything from shoes and umbrellas to hats and gloves. Though this style can seem over-indulgent at first glance, in truth, Cottagecore decor is meant to look simple, clean, and natural.

Bring the Outside In with Your Nose

Dried florals are all the rage these days, so if you don’t have a cottage garden yourself, keep one inside all year long by placing a few vases around the house. Candles, essential oils, and sweet-smelling soaps can also work on your olfactory senses and help lighten your mood. The smell of a house is often overlooked, but it’s the small things that make a house a home.

Tastefully displayed houseplants also add to the coziness of a home. As an added benefit, they help purify the air trapped inside your home and add moisture to it in the dry winter months. Find a sunny spot near a window, add a tiered shelf to a wall, or use a macrame hanger with handmade cotton rope to display your horticultural finds. When the weather outside is awful, you’ll be happy to find your houseplants growing bright and full of life inside.

Dress Up the Vintage Dress

When it comes to picking out your clothes, think vintage—with flair. Florals with frills, a-lines with pockets, and cotton eyelet tunics. The fit and flare dress is the perfect place to start, as it fits every figure and frame and is available with prints or in solid colors. Perfect for pairing with your favorite cardigan.

Think Sustainability

Cottagecore embraces ideas of natural wellness, homesteading, and sustainable living, and so do we. Meet our farmers at Supima and learn about the cotton we use in our Lands End products. You’ll find we value materials that go the distance, feel super soft to the touch, and retain the color of your original purchase. Our farmers and our cotton carry the story of heritage, family, and good values that the Cottagecore trend embraces.

Take Cottagecore Out and About

Leaving the settlement? Take your newfound style with you wherever you go. A trip to the beach would not be complete without the perfect beach bag and a personalized beach towel or blanket.

Even your swimwear can mimic the Cottagecore aesthetic if you choose florals and frills on high-waisted swimsuits, tankini tops, or free-flowing cover-ups like a kaftan, which is both easy to put on and off, and has the bonus of providing UV protection.

Raining? Grab those rain boots and find yourself a new raincoat. We promise raincoats are necessary these days. Puddle jumping never looked so nice or felt so dry!

Enjoy Your Home

Yes, Cottagecore aesthetics have their roots set deep in the pastoral, but in the end, it’s all about coming to love where you live. Especially if you’re going to be spending more time there.

Hate doing laundry? Well, at least your hamper can look cute. Try out a canvas or seagrass laundry container. Then try a natural, floral-smelling washing detergent and put a few drops of lavender essential oils on your wool dryer balls before tossing them in with your laundry. Not only will your clothes smell like a cottage garden, but your dryer balls will save on energy.

Once you’ve created your cozy space, dressed your best, and snuggled up with the perfect blanket and pillow, if you’re still feeling a bit nostalgic, go ahead and send your grandma a nice, thinking-of-you gift from this list. Because one thing’s for certain about our Cottagecore friends: they love to share the love.


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