6 Tips for Making Your Home More Cozy

When the weather starts to cool off and the promise of the fall and winter seasons looms in the air, create a home environment that is warm and cozy. Sure, in the summer it's nice to have an open, breezy, minimalist feel to your home. But once the cold weather arrives, nothing says "home" quite like rich colors, scented candles, and other important little details that make your living quarters snug. In preparation for the cool weather, we've come up with a few little tricks you can use to make your home cozy, warm, and inviting.

1. Don't Underestimate the Power of Blankets

The simplest way to make a home cozier is by investing in beautiful, soft fleece blankets. Use throw blankets for the bed and plush blankets for the sofa. Stock up your house with plenty of blankets. These will be especially appreciated during the chillier fall and winter days when you just want to curl up by the fire in a nice big blanket. And while you are purchasing a few new blankets for your humble abode, you might as well make it a worthwhile investment. Shop for high-quality blankets that will become staples in your home for years, offer plenty of warmth, and contribute to the cozy aesthetic that you are aiming to create.

2. Keep Slippers by the Door

How nice would it be to have a pair of soft, fuzzy slippers right by the front door that you can slip on the moment you get in the house? Think about it: you've had a long day at work, there's a torrential rainstorm outside, the weather has cooled down substantially, and you're exhausted. As soon as you step through the front door, you can kick off the shoes that you've been wearing all day and treat your feet to the decadent sensation of plush shearling fur on your bare skin. Simply by keeping a pair of slippers tucked away in a cubby in your foray, you can instantly make yourself and your home feel cozier.

3. Touch up Your Window Treatments

Perhaps in the warmer seasons, you want to create an ambiance that is airy, bright, and minimalist. You may swap out dramatic, thick drapery for window treatments that are lighter, such as sheer or semi-sheer. But once the weather cools off and you want a warmer home environment, you may want to consider giving your window treatments a facelift. Gravitate toward richer, warmer tones with thicker materials like velvet or anything with a thermal lining. Not only will it create a cozier aesthetic, but thicker curtains will also actually block out any cold air that seeps in through the windows.

4. Show off Personal Memorabilia

One of the best and most affordable ways to instantly transform a house into a cozy abode is by proudly displaying memories throughout the home. Hang up family portraits on the wall or photos of relatives and loved ones. Display various personal photos on the fireplace mantle. Create an accent wall full of picture frames with photos of beloved memories and people. And during the holiday season, deck out your fireplace mantle, fridge, or any other part of the home with festive holiday cards and personalized Christmas stockings. Although photographs aren't literally going to warm up the air in your home, they bring a warm energy that will irrefutably make your home cozier.

5. Invest in Soft Lighting and Quaint Lighting Fixtures

The lighting in your home matters. When the seasons change and the sunny days grow shorter, you want to have good lighting in your home. It's going to get dark earlier, and the right lighting will make everyone in the house feel cozier and warmer. Make sure your home is decked out with warm-toned LED lighting or any type of lighting that provides the feel of a candlelit glow. Also, consider investing in some beautiful table lamps or lighting fixtures that give your home character.

6. Decorate Your Home With All Things Cozy

Add more cozy appeal to your home by incorporating decorative throw pillows or area rugs into your interior decor if you have hardwood floors. This will brighten up space and give extra warmth that you obviously wouldn't get if you don't have carpets or area rugs throughout your home. Another way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere is by lighting candles throughout your home. If you have small children, opt for something safer, like LED candle lights that you can display in your windows. This will make your home appear warm and cozy not just inside, but from the outside as well.

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