6 Things to Bring to the Ski Lodge

6 Things to Bring to the Ski Lodge

‘Tis the season to hit the slopes, that glorious time of year when the mountains become a playground or a place to show off your moves on your skis. However, a key element of the skiing experience is the après-ski time, when you retreat to the ski lounge to relax by the fire with a warm beverage and good company. While après-ski is a fashion genre on its own, style is just as important as substance when it comes to getting dressed, or removing a layer or two, after a ski session. Keeping things fashionable and functional is key for skiers and snowboarders on the move, who want to easily transition their look from ski to post-ski without lugging around a change of wardrobe. We have a slew of suggestions for what to bring to the ski lodge, some of which are a little more fun than functional, which all add up to a perfect winter mountain wardrobe.

A Fashion-Forward Fleece

Fleece is one of the warmest, coziest, and now the most fashionable ways to stay warm in the winter. It's great to bring to the ski lodge because of its mid-layer weight. Women’s fleece jackets are ideal for a ski run after you’ve warmed up a bit and are ready to ditch the heavy jacket. But they’re also great for time indoors when you still want to stay extra warm. A zip-up women’s fleece jacket lets you show off your whole look as well by simply wearing it undone. Keep a classic look in a solid fleece or mix it up with a fun pattern. Fleece is one of the most versatile looks there is.

A Classic Fair Isle Sweater

Grand wooden ski lodges aren’t complete without a fireplace, big, cozy leather chairs, and Fair Isle sweaters. Named after one of the Shetland Islands in far northern Europe between Scotland and Norway, these sweaters come from a place where people know how to stay warm in subarctic temperatures. A Fair Isle sweater’s intricate pattern and traditional style suggest an air of class at the ski lodge while still being ultra-comfortable. Crew neck or V-neck styles are fun to pair with a pair of jeans or even with your ski pants. Of course, we wouldn’t say no to pairing them with super cozy loungewear either.

All the Right Accessories

One of the best parts about getting dressed for a ski trip is all the ways to experiment with accessories. Earmuffs, goggles, gaiters, and tall wool socks are our essentials for the slopes. When it comes to choosing the right women’s winter hat, earmuffs are your best bet. Since your ears are super vulnerable to cold, you don’t want to mess around with protecting them when you're skiing at low temperatures and high altitudes, and earmuffs often tend to stay on better than a simple beanie. Goggles are also pretty key for protecting your eyes from blustering winds and snow while ensuring that your vision is clear for ultimate safety. A gaiter is the best way to protect your neck without weighing you down. And wool socks, particularly a pair that’s tall enough to reach above your ski boots, are absolutely necessary for staying warm and comfortable during and after your trip down the slopes.Invest in a Vest

A fleece or down vest can be your best friend at the ski lodge or on the slopes by providing an extra layer of warmth for your torso, which can be extra susceptible to those plunging winter temperatures, especially if your jacket lets in a little cold air around the buttons or zipper. Throw on a vest over your sweater once you finish skiing for the day to warm up with a beverage at the ski lodge and enjoy the cozy warmth it provides.

Faux Fur

Whether or not you’re skiing in Switzerland, adding a touch of faux fur to your look suggests a weekend at a Swiss chalet and an air of European elegance that fits right in at the ski lodge. It also happens to be extra warm, which serves as a great insulating addition to your ski look. We love a fur-lined hat or a fur pom-pom, or fur-lined socks.

Waterproof Your Winter Wear

Practically speaking, you’re going to find yourself on the snowy ground at some point during your ski trip, so preparing for this is never a bad idea. Wear waterproof gloves first and foremost to protect your sensitive fingers from the harsh cold and wet snow. A waterproof jacket is a great way to keep out wetness as well should a flurry start on the slopes. And of course, waterproof snow pants or overalls can be a lifesaver should you take a spill in the snow. It’s all part of the fun!

There are so many ways to have fun with your look at the ski lodge, many of which are still practical for our time spent skiing. Enjoy accessorizing with fur hats and down vests, or layer up with fleece and sweaters, and make sure to treat yourself to a warm cup of cocoa after you’ve packed up your skis for the day.


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