5 Swimwear Styles for Men in 2023

5 Swimwear Styles for Men in 2023

When it comes to swimwear, it isn’t just women who want to look great; men want to look stylish as well. And as trends tend to come and go, men want to know what type of swimwear may be in style during a given year and what type of swimwear may need to be retired for a bit. The good news is this year, anything goes. People are just happy to be out and about again, enjoying some fun in the sun. Comfort is key, as is being able to show off your unique personality. If you’re in the market for new swimwear this year, here are five men’s swimwear styles you’ll be happy to wear in 2023.

1. Cargo Swim Trunks

Cargo shorts are great, aren’t they? With plenty of pockets and a rugged design, they’re ideal for storing your wallet, keys, and whatever else you might want to have on hand. But they don’t have a reputation for drying quickly, so you may not even associate cargo shorts with men’s swim trunks options. However, cargo swim trunks do exist! Another feature that we've thrown in is a type of fabric with UPF 50 protection to protect the sensitive skin on your thighs from the sun. With skin safety features and a timeless appeal, they’re a smart, stylish swimwear choice for 2023.

2. Board Shorts

Another stylish type of swimwear that’s in style this year is men’s board shorts. They have the same length as cargo shorts for the most part, but without the extra bulkiness that pockets provide. Look for board shorts with a quick-drain pocket so that it doesn’t balloon out under the water. If you don’t need as many pockets as cargo shorts provide, board shorts are a great option for knee-length coverage, making them great big and tall men’s swim trunks as well. And the mesh lining is ultra-comfortable without having annoying seams in all the wrong places. With more of a fitted waist than traditional swim trunks, they come with a traditional hook-and-loop fly and a generous nine-inch inseam.

3. Volley Swim Trunks

When shopping for men’s swimwear, you might see the term “volley” used to describe a style of swim trunks. Volley swim trunks are similar to board shorts, but they have a more elastic waistband and are slightly shorter. The length and elasticity of volley swim trunks make it easier to move around and play beach sports. They tend to be a little wider in the legs than board shorts as well. Inseams may vary, but eight inches is quite common.

4. Swim “Jammers”

If you want swimwear that is specifically made for swimming laps instead of hanging out on the beach or playing casually in the water, you’ll want something like swim briefs or swim jammers. Briefs look just like underwear briefs, providing minimum coverage. In contrast, jammers are a stylish alternative to briefs, as they fit close to the skin while providing more coverage in the thigh area. While lengths vary, the snug-fitting swim jammers allow you to glide quickly through the water without extra fabric slowing you down.

5. Rash Guards

One problem men have struggled with in the past is finding swimwear that offers protection for the top half of the body. In the past, all they had was a cotton T-shirt, which would weigh them down in the water and take ages to dry. Since the invention of mens’ rash guards, they now have coverage that protects them from the sun while drying quickly out of the water. Looking like lightweight T-shirts but fitting more closely, rash guards come in a variety of styles to keep you cool and comfortable both in and out of the pool.

Attention-Grabbing Swim Trunks

In 2023, having fun will be a necessity. And what better way to show your fun side than in the type of clothes you wear. Swim trunks, in whatever style or funky pattern you choose, can be bold and bright. Whether pink flamingos, blue whales, or even dinosaurs don your outfit, they can even look a bit like they were made for kids. Fun knows no age limits, though, so don’t be afraid to show your silly side. The style for 2023 is to not worry about whether you’re “in style” or not. All you need is a comfy pair of swim trunks, some matching water shoes, and a confident personality.

With the summer of 2023 upon us, just know you have plenty of swimwear options to choose from. And as long as you feel comfortable and confident in your swimwear, it’s bound to be in style this year.


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