6 Matching Outfits for the Whole Family

6 Matching Outfits for the Whole Family

If you have decided to invest in matching outfits for your whole family this year, whether it’s for an updated family portrait, a holiday card, or just to have something fun to wear for Christmas day, you will be happy to know there are endless outfit options to choose from. No matter what you decide to do, it’s always best to consult with your family members for creative ideas they might have and agree on what looks best together, rather than making an executive decision yourself. If you are looking for matching outfits inspiration, check out some of these classic pieces that the whole family will love.

Matching Pajamas

Nothing looks cozier and more festive on a holiday card than a happy family all dressed up in adorable, matching family Christmas pajamas. If you want to put a smile on people’s faces and make sure your family members are super comfortable during the photoshoot, why not get everyone dressed up in matching holiday pajamas this season? If you do decide to go this route, sit down with your family members and decide collectively what pajamas to wear. Maybe you all want to go with the classic look of plaid flannel pajama sets or go with fuzzy, warm holiday-themed onesies for a funnier, more playful look. The fabulous part about deciding to do a holiday card with matching Christmas pajamas is that everyone will get to keep their new pajamas and wear them on Christmas Eve.

Matching Robes

While some families might like the idea of dressing up in matching holiday pajamas, others might like to try something a little different: robes. Having your whole family get wrapped up in matching robes will help you achieve that same cozy look and feel that pajamas provide. And like matching pajamas, everyone in the family will be excited to get to keep their brand new robes after the photo or occasion you are wearing them for. Shop around for different styles like fleece robes, plaid flannel robes, or plush robes until you find something everyone will enjoy.


Flannel is an excellent choice when it comes to creating matching outfits. With flannel, you can achieve a cohesive, coordinated look, except with some variety that you might not get with other outfit choices. It would look a little silly to have every single family member wearing the exact same flannel shirts in the same color and the same style. Instead, add some texture to the look by having every family member wear a flannel shirt in colors that blend nicely with other colors. You can also play with different cuts and fits too; one family member might wear a button-up flannel shirt while another might wear a thick flannel jacket with a shearling fur lining. To finish the look, stick with denim bottoms like straight leg jeans. You can have everyone either wear all one wash and color or have varying degrees of light wash and dark wash jeans in different styles.

Christmas Sweaters

If you are coordinating matching outfits for a festive holiday occasion, Christmas sweaters are a fantastic choice. When coordinating matching sweaters, think about the theme you are going for. Do you want a classic Christmas look that is slightly more upscale and luxurious? Stick to solid color sweaters with fabrics like cashmere or rib knit cotton. Do you want to achieve a humorous vibe for a funny holiday card? Have everyone dress up in their favorite “ugly” Christmas sweater of choice. Not only will those who see your family’s coordinated Christmas sweaters enjoy seeing all of you, but they will also get a laugh out of the comical sweaters.

Formal Occasion Matching Outfits

If your whole family is attending a fancy party or a special occasion and you want everyone to show up in matching, coordinated outfits, you have many different outfit ideas to choose from. Want to keep things looking elegant and timeless? Have the girls wear satin slip dresses in the same color while the guys wear sleek black dress slacks and crisp white button-up shirts. It’s minimalist, yet striking. If you want something dressy but more playful and festive, have the girls dress up in cute plaid skirts, dresses, or jumpers while the guys wear dress pants and a flannel button-down or a dress shirt with a flannel accent like a pocket square.

Matching Outfits for Furry Friends

Do you have a beloved pet in the family, like a lovable furry dog? Well, you can’t forget to include him too! Once you determine which matching outfits your family will wear, shop around for cute dog shirts, outfits, or accessories that match what everyone else is wearing. This simple touch will instantly make your matching efforts even cuter.

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