6 Essentials to Pack for Your Family Getaway

6 Essentials to Pack for Your Family Getaway

Are you planning an exciting but relaxing vacation with your family? Whether you are headed to an amusement park, a beach, or a cabin in the woods, you simply won’t be able to properly enjoy your vacation without packing certain essential items. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the packing and planning process, take a minute to read through this list. We’ve prepared a list of essential items you may need for your upcoming getaway.

Your Personal Suitcase

Depending on the size of your family and the duration of your vacation, you may be able to share suitcases, or you may each need your own. Whatever the case, make a list of the clothing items you will need based on the amount of time you will be at the destination and the activities you plan to do. Pack a beach bag with a cute swimsuit, flip-flops, and any other items you will need if you are heading to a beach, a hotel pool, or a water park. If you are vacationing in a warm climate, pack things like sundresses, shorts, and tank tops. Even if you are going somewhere tropical, it’s a good idea to pack a sweatshirt or hoodie in case temperatures cool off or you are in a hotel with the air conditioning on full blast. If you are vacationing during the fall or winter or heading to a cooler climate, have a couple of long-sleeve shirts, second layers like sweaters and hoodies, and a good outer layer like a jacket or women’s winter coat.

Essential Carry-Ons

Whether you are traveling by plane or car, it helps to have a personal bag right by your side with all the items you will need for your journey. Remember to pack items like phone chargers, devices, cash and credit cards, and any essential medications in your carry-on. Depending on your needs for comfort, you may also want to pack a neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs, and a small blanket. Pack a few water bottles, snacks, and books or magazines to keep you entertained if it's a long journey. Finally, it’s also good to have a spare set of warm socks and a comfy hoodie, in case the plane or car gets a little chilly along the way.


Have a small, separate bag filled with all your toiletries within your carry-on bag or your checked suitcase. Used this bag to fill mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner, a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, razors, a comb or brush, hair supplies, makeup, and skincare products. If you are traveling with several people, each person should have their own toiletry bag filled with the unique personal hygiene products they will need for the trip.

Medical Supplies

It’s never a bad idea to travel with a small first aid kit, whether you are traveling to your vacation destination or just going on a short trip in town. In fact, it’s a good idea to have a first aid kit in your personal vehicle, so you always have it wherever you go. In addition to a small first aid kit, pack your insurance card, any medications you need, pain reliever, motion sickness medication if it’s needed, sanitizing wipes, and a thermometer.

Supplies For The Great Outdoors

Whether you are going on a hiking trip, a trip to the beach, or any location where you will spend a significant amount of time outdoors, you should pack items that will help protect you from the elements. Sunscreen is a must, and you can add other items to your bag like bug spray, hats, sunglasses, lip balm, aloe vera gel, and swim goggles. Having all of these items packed will prevent the inconvenience of getting to your destination and realizing you have to run out to a store to get items you didn’t already have on hand.

A Bag For The Littles

If you are traveling with little ones (babies to toddler-age), you will need plenty of supplies that you wouldn’t need if you were traveling with older children. Have a separate bag with all the essential items that your tots will require for the getaway. Having a separate bag for all these supplies will help you keep everything better organized. Make a checklist of the items they will need; this could include diapers and wipes, swim diapers, baby formula, and baby food, bibs, sunscreen, and pacifiers. If you have enough room in the bag, you can also pack your young child’s clothes, swimsuits, and special items like any stuffed animals, blankets, or toys they will need to keep them content for a long car ride.

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