Six Cute Women's Jackets That Are Perfect for Spring

Six Cute Women's Jackets That Are Perfect for Spring

Spring is the perfect season to show off cute, lightweight jackets of all styles. It's usually not quite warm enough to go out in a short-sleeved shirt in the evening, but it’s not so cold that you need to bundle up in a thick winter parka. In this post, we will look at some cute women’s jackets that are perfect for spring.

A Fleece Jacket

Women’s fleece jackets or fleece sweaters are a great second layer for spring, especially on a chilly evening when you are out to dinner with friends or your significant other. Explore the many styles such as a fleece pullover top with various designs and colors or a zip-up fleece jacket in solid colors. Try on a few styles to get a sense of what color, design, and cut is right for you. You may even find several fleece jackets you love, and end up buying a couple!

A Colorful Raincoat

Who can go without having a timeless, colorful women’s raincoat in their spring wardrobe? As we all know, the spring is filled with plenty of rainy days, so it just makes good sense to have a classic raincoat nearby just in case you get caught in the rain. Not only are they practical and functional, but raincoats can also be unbelievably stylish and eye-catching, especially if you wear a bright color on a gloomy day. And if you add a cute pair of rain boots, you'll have the ultimate rainy day look that is both practical and fashionable.

A Vest

Technically speaking, a vest isn’t a jacket, but it's a great second layer for a brisk spring afternoon. Layer a colorful, lightweight puffer vest with a denim button-up or a slender turtleneck for a sharp yet casual spring look. If you want to give your spring outfit a bit of a country look, consider investing in a quilted barn vest that goes well with a pair of paddock boots and your favorite pair of blue jeans.

A Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a staple that belongs in everyone's closet. And the great thing about the denim jacket is that you get a lot of wear out of it all year long since it looks great in the fall or spring as well as on a summer evening. If you haven’t bought a denim jacket yet or you think the one hanging in your closet may need to be replaced, shop around for a style that’s right for you. A denim jacket offers so much versatility; it can be paired with virtually anything from a dress to denim jeans to leggings. You can find denim jackets in all washes from dark to light to something in-between.

A Flannel Jacket

If you are going for a rustic country look — which can totally be achieved whether you live in the country or not — a flannel jacket is a must. Like any good, stylish jacket, there is so much variety with a flannel jacket. Do you want a flannel jacket with or without a hood? What color jacket do you want? Do you want flannel that’s a bit thicker with more insulation for those early spring days when it’s still quite cold out, or do you just want something lightweight that you can button up and throw over a T-shirt? Of course, there’s no reason why you only have to limit yourself to one flannel jacket style. Shop around; you may find several items that you fall in love with!

A Utility Jacket

Like denim jackets and flannel jackets, utility jackets are a great outwear option for spring because they are stylish yet slightly edgy all at once. A color such as olive green or navy blue will be both classic and flattering, and both will go well with a pair of blue jeans or black pants. A utility jacket is lightweight enough that it’s ideal for a crisp 65-degree spring day, but it can offer more warmth on cooler days, especially when paired with a long-sleeve shirt. If you invest in a good quality utility jacket with durable material, it can last you for years.

The examples we’ve listed here are just a few great spring jacket ideas. Consider adding a couple to your wardrobe. Shop around a bit until you’ve found a style that’s right for you.


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