Six Coziest PJ Options for Fall

Six Coziest PJ Options for Fall

Fall is unquestionably a favorite season for many, and there’s no wonder why: the gorgeous fall foliage, the apple-picking outings, the mouth-watering fall foods, the vision of cozying up to the fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa on a rainy autumn day. Fall is a season of color and comfort, and if you are looking for ways to make your nightwear even cozier, you've come to the right place. In this post, we will take a look at some comfy pajamas for fall.

The Long-Sleeved Flannel Pajama Set

Nothing says “I’m ready for fall” quite like plaid flannel and flannel in general. Once those late summer nights slowly turn to crisp, cool evenings with the promise of fall, everyone is switching their lightweight cotton sheets to more durable, cozy flannel options. And for those of us who need more than just flannel sheets to keep us warm, the best thing to do is invest in some comfy flannel sleepwear. If you need to replace some items in your wardrobe, or you're buying flannel PJs for the first time, start with a long-sleeved plaid flannel pajama set. It will come in handy all fall and winter when you are snuggling up to your significant other for a Halloween movie marathon or just ready to sink into bed and experience extra warmth and comfort.


Joggers are becoming a wonderful fashion staple because you can wear them to the gym, while you're out running errands, and whenever you are simply hanging about the house. You can even wear them as pajamas during those chilly autumn months. A classic cotton pair of joggers is a must-have, but you may be feeling adventurous and want to branch out to other materials like flannel. If you can’t get enough of your flannel pieces and can’t get enough of your joggers, why not combine the two and enjoy the ultimate sleepwear bottoms: flannel joggers!

Festive PJs

With the coming of the colder seasons, everyone can look forward to a seemingly endless parade of holidays from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year's. It just makes sense to have so many wonderful holidays during the bleakest, coldest time of year when the sun goes down earlier, and seasonal affective disorder rises. Keep the festivities alive in your own home at night by investing in fun, colorful, holiday-themed family pajamas for you and the kids. If you are a big fan of PJs and the holidays, consider having a PJ set for each holiday you celebrate. In the fall, you can have a gorgeous plaid PJs set with fall colors for Thanksgiving, print PJs with fun holiday designs for Christmas, and something flashy and bold for the New Year.

Pajama Shorts

We can’t forget about the people who love to be cozy at night but don’t like to sleep with too many materials on. Sometimes it is just nice to feel the fabric of the bedsheets. If you keep the temperatures hot in your home and can afford to bundle up less, have a few flannel plaid pajama shorts in your nightwear wardrobe. They are comfy and cozy but less restrictive, so pants are the perfect choice when you want to feel a little freer when you sleep at night. Plus, flannel plaid pajama shorts are easy to mix and match with pajamas tops like matching flannel plaid button-ups or your favorite oversized graphic tee.

A Big Fluffy Robe

While you may not be wearing your robe to bed, it’s definitely a great addition to your nightwear wardrobe, considering you can stay curled up in it during your bedtime routine. Keep extra warm all fall by slipping into a super-soft, fluffy robe to wear before you go to bed and when you first wake up. It’s an easy and affordable way to add a hint of luxury to your life. Need something warm to put on after getting out of a hot bath? A plush robe. Want to wear a cozy second layer while you are watching movies with your loved ones? A plush robe. Need a way to feel comfy and luxurious when you first get up in the morning and are making breakfast? A plush robe! You’ll thank us later.

A Satin Set

Like robes, a gorgeous satin material can instantly add a hint of luxury to your life. The soothing feeling of the material on your skin will make your sleep much more decadent. If you have never tried a satin pajama set before, think about adding it to your nighttime apparel. You’ll feel and look amazing, so it’s the perfect clothing item to wear when you’re hosting a grownup sleepover with your girlfriends, or you have guests in town staying over for the evening. Need to get ready for fall? Remember to invest in a few of these comfy sleepwear items to be fully prepared!

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