Six Best Workout Outfits for 2021

Six Best Workout Outfits for 2021

You want to take good care of yourself and look good doing it. Great! Here are six of the best workout outfits to keep you comfortable and stylish while you give yourself the gift of an active lifestyle.

Athletic Shorts and a Tee

It’s hard to beat a good pair of athletic shorts and a comfy T-shirt for a good workout. They have become a classic choice for several reasons. They allow you to move, look good, and keep you cool all at the same time. 100% cotton is always nice, but with the newer wicking options that are available in fabric, it’s amazing how comfortable you can stay regardless of the weather or how hard you work out.

A good fit is key. Try on your shorts and tee in front of a full-length mirror and stretch in every possible way that your workout could involve, making sure that the clothes fit, feel right to you, and will keep you comfortably covered. Make sure they move with you every inch of the way. Workout clothes should be so comfortable that you don’t even think about them once they are on your body, then you can just relax and get into your workout. Whether you are petite, tall, plus size, or average size, Lands’ End has you covered. When shopping online, make sure you take your measurements and use the size charts that are available to help you buy clothes that will fit both you and your workout perfectly.

Yoga Pants and Tank

For a super comfortable option, go for women’s yoga pants and a women’s cotton tank top. This will allow you to move and stretch, whether you are practicing downward facing dog or going for a walk around the block. Yoga pants are among the best inventions ever. They have become a wardrobe staple for many of us and are great for working out in as well as relaxing. A tank top makes the perfect workout complement to your yoga pants. They are easy to move in, will help to keep you cool, and can be worn for working out, hanging out, and even being dressed up with a cardigan or blazer for going out.

Leggings and a Sports Bra

For the ultimate in workout comfort, go for leggings and a sports bra with an optional T-shirt. This can be a great at-home workout outfit or work well for the gym or yoga studio while giving you options for warmth and style.

Leggings and a Tunic

Women’s workout leggings and a tunic are a natural combination. The length of the tunic is both uber comfy and makes a nice silhouette with the more body-conscious leggings. Both garments allow for maximum movement while staying stylish. For an instant outfit, stick with black leggings and go for a pretty color for the tunic.

One of the best parts about this ensemble is breaking it apart and wearing it as non-workout wear. Black leggings will go with almost anything. Warm-up that casual dress in the winter with them or pair them with a big sweater for a casual look. Layer them under a tracksuit for extra insulation. Tunics can work with leggings, jeans, and shorts for fun looks.

High-Waisted Biker Shorts and a Tee or Tank

What did we do before biker shorts were invented? Seriously, they are the perfect workout companion. Biker shorts give you the ease of movement, comfort, and the confidence that nothing can fly up (or down) unexpectedly, whether you are strolling in a park or lifting with the other gym rats. Unless you have a matching tee, it’s probably best to stick with black. Pair your biker shorts with a cute tank or tee for an instant outfit.

Biker shorts can also be worn as casual wear in warmer months, giving your other shorts a break while giving you a new look. They are perfect for tossing into a suitcase if you anticipate working out while on vacation or just want those uber-comfy shorts with you.

Track Suit and a Tank or Tee

Still one of the best choices out there, this combination wins best-in-show for versatility, style, and comfort. You can go super stylish in designer black with a coordinating top or choose fun colors and easy fabrics all around. Try a plus-sized activewear top underneath. Tracksuits come in many different fabrics, from lightweight summer options to a warm and snuggly fleece for those colder months, and they are just made for layering, which gives them year-round flexibility.

Tracksuits have evolved from clothing only for exercise to bonafide streetwear. Sure, you might prefer to dress up, but a tracksuit can take you anywhere from a casual lunch to your favorite workout to running errands afterward without the need to change outfits. Now, that is flexibility! Whatever type of workout outfit you choose, enjoy. Taking care of yourself is fun!

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