Show Off Your Shorts: 7 Outfit Options for Memorial Day

Show Off Your Shorts: 7 Outfit Options for Memorial Day

Memorial Day officially marks the beginning of summer. And while in some parts of the country, it’s not quite warm enough yet to frolic around in your swimsuit, it’s definitely warm enough to style your favorite shorts for the holiday weekend. According to the unwritten laws of fashion, Memorial Day is also when it’s time to start wearing white again. So pull out your whites and your summer women’s shorts from the back end of your wardrobe and get excited for Memorial Day weekend. These are our favorite outfit options for how to show off your shorts for the holiday weekend ahead.

Classic Khakis and Polos

Memorial Day is a classic American holiday, and for that, we’re going to recommend a classic American look. A pair of women’s khaki shorts styled with a polo shirt is the heritage American look that’s perfect for celebrating Memorial Day. Stylish, practical, and comfortable, it’s hard to go wrong with this classic look.

Shorts and a Light Sweater

Depending on where you live, Memorial Day might not mean tank top and shorts season yet. Instead, show off your shorts by styling them with a classic light sweater. Opt for a women’s cotton sweater to wear over your favorite summer shorts for a stylish and comfortable look that’s perfect for celebrating Memorial Day. Choose bright colors to properly greet the summer and celebrate this much-loved American holiday.

Seasonal Colors

Speaking of colors, it’s out with the darks and in with the lights. Swap your blacks and grays for whites and pastels to properly rock the warmer summer months. For Memorial Day weekend, choose a pair of white shorts and style with your favorite brightly colored top. For the holiday weekend, opt for patriotic colors to properly celebrate. Wear white shorts with stripes, red, white, and or blue to properly feel the holiday vibes.

Linen Shorts With a Blouse

Linen season is back in full swing, and it’s time to pull your favorite linen pieces out of the closet. Linen shorts are a particular favorite as the natural and luxurious feel of linen gives whatever you wear with it an automatic sophistication. If you’re celebrating Memorial Day weekend in a fancier sort of way, wear your linen shorts with a light cotton women’s blouse for the perfect look. Wear with some simple statement jewelry, a pair of mules, and a sunhat for a timelessly chic look that is perfect for Memorial Day celebrations.

High-Waisted Retro

Feeling playful from all these summery vibes? Pull out your favorite high-waisted shorts to ring in Memorial Day with a sassy and stylish look. Since high-waisted shorts do wonders to accentuate your silhouette and waistline, we recommend showing that off by wearing either a crop top or blouse you can easily tuck into the waistband. Wear with a bold waist belt and some boots or strappy sandals for a super-cool Memorial Day outfit that plays on the classic American retro vibe.

Long Shorts With a Tunic

Not all shorts need to be tiny. Long shorts are a great way to give your body the appearance of added length while also adding extra coverage. Accentuate your length even more by styling your long shorts with a nice and well-cut tunic top. The streamlined look of both will offer a sophisticated look that is perfect for wearing on Memorial Day. Choose lighter colors such as whites, creams, and pastels to capture the summery and warm-weather feels. Wear with a nice pair of sandals or mules and a lightweight fashion scarf for a nice and classy look.

Oversized Shorts and Top

If anything has made loungewear and comfy clothes stylish, it’s 2020. Take full advantage of this emerging trend by wearing your favorite loose-fitting women’s comfy shorts with a loose-fitted slouchy top. Lounge sets are all the rage, so find yourself a chic and luxurious-looking lounge set that is designed and cut well from a lux fabric like linen to make yourself comfortable and stylish for Memorial Day. Dress up with a snazzy pair of sunglasses and some fancy shoes, or dress down with a great pair of flip-flops. Either way, you’re going to look and feel good for Memorial Day weekend, all while showing off your favorite pair of lounge shorts.

Whether you’re planning to celebrate Memorial Day or are just excited for warmer weather, don’t be shy to pull your shorts out of the closet and show them off for this fun and much-loved American holiday.


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