How to Show Love to Every Family Member on Valentine’s Day

How to Show Love to Every Family Member on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has long been associated with romantic dates and couples looking for an excuse to show each other a little extra love. But who said this day is only for lovers? Valentine’s Day is a time to show affection to everyone you care for, whether it’s your spouse, your grandparents, your kids, or your dog. After all, everyone could use a little extra love these days, and it's important to remind others that you don’t take your relationship with them for granted. This year, consider the following tips for showing love to every family member on Valentine’s Day.

How to Show Love to Your Significant Other

If you’ve been with your significant other for a long time, it’s easy to get a little too comfortable, and maybe even a little too lax in your gift-giving efforts. Especially on days like Valentine’s Day, you might hear your beloved say, “You don’t have to get me anything,” but we have a secret: it's a lie! Everyone likes gifts. They just don’t feel comfortable telling you what they want, for fear of sounding needy or greedy. This year, don’t offer a choice. Think outside of the box, and gift something that makes your loved one feel special, even if it is unconventional. For example, jewelry is always nice, but not necessarily original.

Consider your significant other’s hobbies and interests. Maybe more than anything, the best gift would be a few hours of peace in the bathtub with some new fluffy bath towels or a nice women’s robe. Or maybe a homemade dinner made by you. Take a few moments to think about what your significant other appreciates most in your relationship, and go the extra mile to make it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

How to Show Love to Your Parents

Your parents love you more than they love anyone else in the entire world. Yet it’s easy to take that love for granted. They don’t ask for much, but they’re always there when you need them, whether it’s to help out with their grandkids or simply offer advice from the other end of the phone. Do they enjoy any particular restaurants? You can easily send them a gift card, whether electronically or in the mail. What hobbies do they like to spend their time on? Their favorite craft store might have some gift ideas. Alternatively, they might be over the moon to open the mail to see a nice card or handwritten note from you and your family on Valentine’s Day.

How to Show Love to Your Kids

In school, kids often exchange handmade Valentine cards and have parties to acknowledge the day. Things might be a little different this year. Your kids may or may not notice, but regardless, it can be fun to acknowledge the holiday however you can. Spending time together is a great way to do this. Consider having your own family “date” where you bake heart-shaped cookies together or let the kids stay up extra late watching movies with you.

Buy them some new family pajamas that have a Valentine’s theme. If you can’t find any with hearts, simple red pajamas will do. Your kids are sure to appreciate your effort, and you might even end up creating a new family tradition.

How to Show Love to Your Best Friend

Okay, best friends might not technically be “members of your family” from a biological standpoint, but sometimes our best friends are the best family we have. You don’t have to go all out or break the bank to show them some love either. Simply sending them a handwritten note or a text that says how much you appreciate them is all they need. This is especially true if they don’t have anyone special in their lives to play the part of “valentine.” And when they get a little token of your appreciation on Valentine’s Day, even if it is just a short text, they’ll be happy to know you didn’t forget about them.

How to Show Love to Man’s Best Friend

Our pets are loyal, cute, fun, and always there for us. Why not give your four-legged friend some extra hugs and treats on Valentine’s Day? Or take your furbaby for a longer walk than normal. Better yet, maybe it’s time for some new gear, like a nice fluffy new dog bed with your pet's initials on it. Or maybe your cat would appreciate a new scratching post. Get creative. Stop at your local pet store and grab a few things to make your pets happy.

This year, don’t write off Valentine’s Day as just another day of the year. Use it to remind yourself how much you appreciate the people (and pets) in your life, and give them a token of your appreciation to make them feel special.


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