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Should You Invest in Thousands-Dollar Suits?

There comes a time in every man’s life when he asks himself how much money he is willing to spend on a suit. Men’s suits are really a thing. They are not just something to wear to an event or the office but are a subtle communicator in how you move through the world. An expensive suit can leave an impression and make a statement, but is it worth the investment?

It’s An Investment, Not An Expense

While up-front buying an expensive suit may feel like a huge expense, the truth is most expensive suits are indeed an investment. That means that you will wear them for the rest of your life. Suits that cost upwards of a thousand dollars will likely be made with high-quality materials and put together in a way that makes the suit more like art than just a plain suit. Cheap suits are made from lower-quality fabrics and are glued and sewn in a way that’s not built to last. On the other hand, your men’s dress shirts may come and go,

but your state-of-the-art suit will last for decades.

If you work in an office or professional setting that requires you to wear a suit, owning at least one good suit is probably a must. If you are wearing a suit for an event or wedding but otherwise don’t wear many suits, then perhaps renting a high-quality suit is a better option for you since the expense of wearing a high-quality suit once won’t become an investment.

The Details

Something that makes menswear super special is the details. The details of traditional menswear are like a secret language that only men understand. For women’s fashion, sending a strong message with your clothing is all about the statement and wow factor. But for men, communicating something through clothing is done in subtle details. A well-versed man can tell a lot about another man by what kind of suit he’s wearing for a specific event or occasion. If you’re the kind of man who likes to make a kind of statement with his style or who carefully chooses his men’s tie, perhaps you’re ripe for investing in a thousands-dollar suit. If you’re not so much into the language of what you’re wearing, perhaps there’s no need to invest in a snazzy suit. An expensive suit will speak volumes simply through the detailed work. And for those men who care, it’s definitely worth the investment.


Expensive suits are great because they are often tailored to fit you perfectly. Beyond that, even if you keep your suit for years to come well-made suits are easy to alter down the line when you’re body changes. One of the big hesitancies men have when looking to invest in a thousands-dollar suit is that even if the suit lasts a long time, their own bodies might change and not be able to fit the suit well anymore. While this is a valid concern, most high-quality and well-made suits aren’t just tailored to fit you perfectly now. They also are designed so that in the future, you can make any additional adjustments you may need so your beautiful suit can still fit you, even as you change.

The Tailoring

Cheap suits are easy to spot, and poor tailoring isn’t a good look. While cheaper suits are fun for going out or specific events, they generally won’t last as long and tend not to fit as well. One of the big pluses of an expensive suit is that the tailoring is usually about as masterful as it gets. An expensive suit won’t just look good on you, but it will feel like an amazing fit. Well-tailored suits will feel like they were made just for you because they were! For some men, this feeling is unmatched and makes wearing an ill-fitting suit just a nuisance. Good tailoring provides not only an excellent fit but also comfort and freedom of movement. If the fit and feel of a good suit are important to you, perhaps investing in a thousands-dollar suit is a good option for you. For suits and men’s dress pants, good fit and tailoring is a key part of comfort.

Natural vs. Synthetic Fiber

One major factor when it comes to cheaper versus expensive suits is the material. You really can’t compare a high-quality canvas, wool, or cashmere suit with one made of synthetic materials. The fabric of a suit is an easy distinguishing factor by both the wearer and the viewer. High-quality natural fibers tend to fall better over the man’s shape, creating an effortless and aesthetically pleasing silhouette. Synthetic materials tend to crease and bunch, offering a less pleasant appearance. As for comfort, you really can’t compare the breathability of natural fibers compared to the sticky feeling of synthetic fibers. If you’re looking for unmatched comfort and quality in a suit, then perhaps investing in an expensive one is the way to go.

Deciding whether or not to invest in a thousands of dollars suit is a very personal choice that depends on how often it will be worn, where it will be worn, and personal taste, among other things. But rest assured, expensive suits are worth the investment.


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