Should You Give the Man in Your Life Flannel or Sweaters for Christmas?

Should You Give the Man in Your Life Flannel or Sweaters for Christmas?

Ah, that annual question—what to get the man in your life for Christmas? Whether he’s a throw on his favorites and-go kind of guy or a more fashion-forward fellow, with a bit of planning, you can make his Christmas (and his wardrobe!) bright. Here are some tips for deciding between flannel or sweaters this Christmas.

What is His Personal Style?

Is he more dressy or casual? Does he love the softness of flannel or just feel more comfortable in it? What are his favorite sweaters? Do you think he would prefer the “Steve Jobs look,” or does he just want to be comfy? All of these are good questions to consider in thinking about your guy’s style.

If he is a “strictly comfort” kind of guy, choose a gift that is all about comfort (with a bit of style). Go for a men’s flannel shirt in cotton. He’ll love the way it feels and the throw-on good looks it will give him. If he loves soft fabrics, don’t rule out cashmere. If he has never owned a cashmere sweater, he might just love one—just stay within or really close to his fashion comfort zone with respect to looks. You don’t want him to feel like he has to wear a new sweater to be polite and then stash it toward the back of the closet not to be seen again.

If he is more open to fashion or already enjoys sporting a new look, have fun with this! Maybe the right men’s turtleneck sweater under the tree would make his day. A classic men’s V-neck sweater is a great go-to look, especially if he doesn’t prefer turtlenecks.

What Does He Already Own and How Often Does He Wear It?

We are all creatures of habit on some level, so take advantage of this when gift-giving to ensure success. What does he love to wear week in and week out? Is he more likely to throw on flannel or a sweater with his favorite men’s jeans? If he has favorites (and we all do), think about getting him more of the same—but maybe in a new color or fabric. If some of his items are looking worn, replace them with identical or similar “new” favorites to make him smile—unless the old one is a source of pride because of how worn it is (this is another subject entirely). Whatever you choose, keep in mind that Christmas is about giving him something that he will enjoy, not attempting a fashion makeover for your man, no matter how well-intentioned it might be.

What Colors Look Best on Him?

Speaking of makeovers, stick to colors that are flattering to him. We all love to look good in our clothes, and finding that shirt that brings out his eyes or a new sweater that shows off that silver fox hair he now has is sure to brighten his Christmas morning and keep him looking good to boot.

Keep Fit in Mind

This is a no-brainer, but it is amazing how easy it is to miss. If his size has changed, make sure to get him something that will look and feel good now, just like you would for yourself. We all deserve clothes to fit our current bodies and our current lifestyles to be comfortable and stylish.

What Winter Activities Does He Enjoy?

Is he outdoorsy or more of a homebody? Where do you live and travel? Could he use a new flannel shirt for layering under a down jacket when he is out and about in the frozen North? Maybe a new men’s cardigan sweater to keep him cozy while he is puttering around the house would be just the ticket. Perhaps a new sweater for the ski slopes is in order.

If you plan to travel soon, keep the climate at home and at your destination in mind. A lighter-weight sweater that can be added over a T-shirt or turtleneck is a great addition to any carry-on if you are visiting friends or family where it is cold. On the other hand, a flannel shirt will take him anywhere except the tropics—and even if you’re going to the tropics, he might like to have one to stay comfortable on the plane or on his way to or from the airport. Traveling comfortably is all about flexibility, and that includes being able to warm up or cool down with ease.

Whether you choose to buy the man in your life flannel or sweaters for Christmas, keep it cozy. You will both enjoy a warm and wonderful holiday that way.


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