She Made the Team. Now Get Her the Right Backpack

She made the team. Now get her the right backpack.

You are constantly amazed with your children. Where did they get their athleticism and talent and artistic expression? Their smarts? You want to claim that the apple doesn't fall far from your own tree but you know that they are their own personality and they have gone in directions you couldn't have predicted. What better way to celebrate their ambition than to support it with a backpack designed to hold the imperative things which will help them blossom into who they'll become?

She's a star.

She got the lead in the class play. She's come a long way since last year when she made her stage debut as "Featured Tree Stump." Maybe she'll land on Broadway. Maybe she'll become an internet phenom. Maybe she'll get her way out to Hollywood. Treat her to a backpack that can contain all the dreams she has for the future. The personalized backpack will certainly do the trick. Bedazzle it with an embroidered star to really drive the point home. She loves to express herself out there and she wants everybody to know she's going to get to her dreams. She'll be on her way to the college red carpet in no time.

She's a champion.

She kicked the ball so hard it blasted a new hole in the goalie net, and her cleat flew off into the stratosphere too, but at that moment you knew it was clear she was going to graduate from the tots league to the youth travel league. After taking her out for a round of victory ice cream, you wanted to do a quick search for the perfect sports and school hybrid. The ClassMate Medium Backpack will have room for her soccer clothes and she can tie her cleats through the outside loops without getting all her homework muddied.

She's a real quiz whiz.

Quickest buzzer in the county. You've got a mathematician, computer genius, pop culture savant on your hands and you want to answer your own trivia question: which backpack is going to support all those books she's going to be carrying around? Let it roll with the ClassMate wheeled backpack so that she can give her shoulders a break when she somehow manages to read a huge British literature anthology and Physics textbook in the same month.

She's an entrepreneur.

Like all her heroes making a difference in the business world, she's come up with an idea you wish you had, but thankfully she's getting some scholarship money right as you start to panic about college tuition. If she's already ahead of the curve you want her to get a backpack that does the job. Nothing glitzy: something simple, well designed, and practical. Give the Seagoing backpack a look. It's exactly what she'll need to stay focused and driven so you can see where she's going.

She's an artist.

You tried to tell her it was a masterpiece but she said it was nothing, just another of her works "constrained by the rules and regulations from Mr. Art, the creative commandant and exhibitor of artistic freedom" which felt mature, direct, and pointed for such a smart and young soul and you couldn't have said it better. She won the top prize at the art fair but she yearned for more greatness. That Rich Sapphire Ikat backpack has that artistic flair and a cool look that, even if she gets paint on it, the paint will layer up with more of her personality and vision.

The expeditioner.

She can tell you the exact coordinates of her treehouse and track animal prints like she was raised by wolves. She's found the family dog several times after hours of searching and prides herself on the fact that she's an expert butterfly collector. For all the time she spends outside you wonder how she can stand being in school all day even though she admits she loves it. So when she joined up with the Girl Scouts she quickly became one of the most highly decorated scouts there's been. The flannel print TechPack will help guide her through school and her after school expeditions.

She's a chef.

She loves to cook! She spends hours making culinary creations in your kitchen. She also loves to pack things to take to school for lunch to share with friends. So, buy her a lunch box that will help her carry and show off her food in style! An insulated lunch box with a handle is the perfect receptacle to carry her masterpieces to and from school to share.

The young scholar

She’s venturing out into the world and starting preschool. Make sure she has the best gear to get her started. You want it to be functional, but you also want it to be her style and size. So, grab her a preschool sized backpack. These backpacks are smaller than the average backpack, so she won’t look like a turtle with a huge shell on her back. She'll be able to focus on enjoying the new aspects of learning and school.


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