Shake Up Your Fall/Winter Wardrobe with These Four Essential Accessories

Shake Up Your Fall/Winter Wardrobe with These Four Essential Accessories

With the colder seasons comes more reason to bundle up, and more opportunities to show off our style with bold and playful accessories. Once you have your perfect packable jacket or ultra-warm women's winter parka, it’s time to add accents like a brightly patterned scarf or a cozy hat to keep away the cold. Classic accessories like beanies, knit gloves, and Fairisle scarves never go out of style and are the perfect complement to any fall or winter outfit.

If you want to add a more unexpected accent to your cold-weather wardrobe, however, there are dozens of choices from Lands’ End, from trendy printed winter gaiters to protect your neck, to elegant cashmere wraps to snuggle up in at home or when traveling. Here are some essential winter accessories to bring some personality to your wardrobe in the fall and winter.

Wrap Up in Tasteful Scarves

When it comes to outerwear, a women's winter scarf is like a punctuation mark at the end of the sentence — it doesn’t really feel complete without one. While your jacket might often be a more muted shade of black, blue, or tan, a printed or solid scarf can add that pop of color and personality that completes the look.

On a windy day, a scarf is an absolute necessity, protecting our necks and torsos from the harsh weather and biting cold that fall and winter can bring. There are as many ways to wear a scarf as there are days in the year, so you can bring variety to your outfit no matter what.

Lands’ End has a wide range of scarves that each serve a different purpose — a classic CashTouch scarf brings a sense of elegance to any look, whether you choose a neutral solid, a bright jewel tone, or a printed pattern. Our fleece scarves and gaiters offer even more warmth for those blustering days or winter runs. A shawl wrap is endlessly useful, serving as a middle ground between a jacket and a scarf while adding a layer of comfort and style to your winter getup.

Keep Your Head Covered in Style

Keeping your head covered is perhaps the most important part of staying warm in the colder months, and there are so many ways to get creative with women's winter hats at Lands’ End. A classic beanie is always a winner, covering both the head and ears and offering that ultra-cozy protection from plunging temperatures.

A stylish pom pom atop a beanie adds a bit of playfulness to this cold-weather look, or an unusual fabric like chenille. Want to keep your ears warm without the risk of hat hair? Our ear warmers and headbands are the perfect choices to stay extra warm where it matters most while keeping your look in place. If you want to stay even warmer, our cozy balaclavas offer a stylish alternative to the traditional head and neck covering, keeping you completely guarded against the wind and cold no matter what.

Warm Up Your Hands with Gloves and Mittens

Our extremities, including our fingers and toes, can be the most sensitive to cold, so it’s key to keep them covered with our wide range of warm women's fleece gloves. From fun, patterned fair isle mittens to sport-friendly squall gloves, there are so many ways to keep your hands protected from the cold weather. Classic leather gloves are always a good choice, adding a touch of class to your winter look, and even offering an EZ touch feature for easy screen use without having to take them off. Make your gloves stand out (and keep them from getting lost) by adding our custom embroidery to your pair.

Seal the Deal with Socks, Tights and Thermals

The right pair of socks can be the difference between a good and bad outdoor adventure, so investing in a warm pair is always a wise choice. In the colder months, knee highs and thigh highs are your friends, as are warm tights to wear with a dress or skirt, or even under pants to stay extra warm. From wool blend boot socks to pair with your favorite pair of shoes to ultra-warm slipper socks for time inside staying cozy, Lands’ End has everything you need to keep your feet extra comfortable.

Want to keep your bottom half even warmer? Our collection of long underwear and thermals is the ideal addition to any outfit to prepare you for the cold weather. Best worn under any item of clothing, or simply around the house, thermals insulate your body against brutal winters, while still being breathable.

These fall and winter accessories are the ideal addition to your cold-weather arsenal, preparing you to step out of the house in style while knowing you’ll also be staying warm.


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