7 Workleisure Outfits for Winter WFH Comfort

7 Workleisure Outfits for Winter WFH Comfort

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy comfy work from home clothes whether you’re curled up on the sofa with your laptop or sitting at your desk when you go to the office? With workleisure outfits that deliver winter WFH comfort, you can! At Lands’ End, we understand you may have grown accustomed to wearing casual outfits when working from home over the past couple of years. So, it’s only natural that you would want to maintain that level of comfort while maintaining a professional appearance - whether you’re working from home and have to do video calls or heading back to the office.


While a dress might not seem like it has the casual ease of some workleisure styles, one that’s stretchy and loose can offer the same level of comfort as a soft sweatsuit. Look for dresses made in classic, casual styles and then accessorize to add some upscale touches. Solid color dresses pair well with colorful accessories. Or, you can try a colorful patterned dress to wear with a solid-colored cardigan or jacket. Keep your footwear classic and simple with comfortable shoes that coordinate with the color of your dress.

Women’s Activewear

With workleisure outfits, comfort is as important as style. But, with our selection of women’s activewear, you can enjoy both the satisfaction of a loose-fitting garment and the style you expect from quality office wear. Our selection of activewear includes stylish hoodies, yoga pants, straight leg pants, and flare leg pants so you can choose the styles that make you feel and look your best. There are also moisture-wicking tanks and t-shirts that are perfect for layering under a cardigan, a blazer, or a shacket.

Fleece Jackets

For coziness and warmth, fleece can be hard to top. That makes it a wonderful fabric to consider when you’re building a wardrobe that delivers WFH comfort. Check out the selection of fleece blazers when you need a garment to complete your professional style and add some coziness, too. For days when you want to look stylish but don’t need a blazer, browse through the selection of fleece vests and quarter-zip pullovers in solid colors. These garments add a classy touch to your workleisure wardrobe, and you get to enjoy complete comfort when you wear them to work.

Tunic Sweatshirts

Want the elegance of a dressy top with the soft warmth of your favorite sweatshirt? The selection of tunic sweatshirts includes styles that offer the on-trend design elements you want in plush fleece fabrics. Look for your favorite design elements, like shaped hemlines that offer a floaty effect, or cowl necklines, turtlenecks, quarter-zip necklines, and trendy notched necklines. These elements draw the eye upward to your face and hair while showcasing your personal style.

Skirts and Skorts

Like comfortable dresses, skirts and skorts can be easily incorporated into your trendy workleisure wardrobe. When checking out the selection of comfortable skirts and skorts, look for garments made from stretchy fabrics that drape loosely for extra comfort. Elastic waists are another detail that can be important in this type of garment. An elastic waistband allows for better range of movement and can typically feel more comfortable.

Casual, Comfy Clothes

Our array of casual, comfy clothes includes many great options made from soft, stretchy fabrics that allow freedom of movement. To stick with an office-worthy theme, browse through our collection of comfortable clothes made in classic styles that look great for work or relaxing at home. Additionally you may want to stick with classic colors and patterns for a dressy effect for your base garments, like pants, blazers, and skirts. When choosing tops, look for pieces that are made with a loose, relaxed fit. Go with oversized pieces if you prefer button-down styles, and use layering techniques to build comfortable outfits.

Hosiery and Footwear

Adding the right hosiery to your outfit enhances your overall look and gives you an extra layer of warmth. Choose trouser socks to wear under pants, and consider thigh high socks to coordinate with skirts and dresses for extra warmth. If you’ve been wearing slippers and sneakers instead of dress shoes while working from home, you don’t have to give up that level of comfort. Replace your sneakers and slippers with dressy, comfortable shoes, like loafers, Mary Janes, or ballet flats. That way, you get to enjoy a dressy touch without giving up the casual comfort of flat footwear.

Browse through our selection of comfortable workleisure garments to create a great look that fits your personal style. If a garment you love feels too casual for work, consider adding some accessories to give it a dressier touch. A beautiful scarf or pretty cardigan can transform a t-shirt or casual sweatshirt into a key part of an office-worthy workleisure outfit.


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