7 Ways to Wear a Tunic Sweater

7 Ways to Wear a Tunic Sweater

Tunic sweaters are an adored fashion staple for a variety of reasons: they are cozy, stylish, and a clothing item that can be worn for all sorts of occasions. There are also so many different ways to wear the tunic sweater and so many other articles of clothing to wear them with. In this post, we will take a look at a few ways to wear tall tunic sweaters and petite tunic sweaters, be it during the fall, winter, or spring.

With Leggings

One of the great things about the tunic sweater is that they are famously longer than traditional sweaters and also a little looser. Contrast that long, loose look with leggings (an equally comfy clothing item). Don’t limit yourself when it comes to tunic sweater cuts either; you could go for a turtleneck tunic sweater to be extra bundled up on a blustery day or a cowl neck tunic sweater when you want to create a slightly dressier look. Finish the look off with ballet flats for a more casual outfit or heels for a more businessy look.

A Sleeveless Tunic Sweater

Many people think of thick, long sleeves when it comes to any kind of sweater. But a tunic sweater can be a sleeveless top! On a balmy spring day or an uncharacteristically warm fall afternoon, opt for a sleeveless tunic sweater. A sleeveless tunic sweater can be worn with khaki or linen shorts in the warmer months, while in the fall, a sleeveless tunic sweater can be worn with straight-leg pants, leggings, or skinny jeans. During the spring season, if you choose to incorporate a sleeveless tunic sweater into your wardrobe, go for soft pastel colors like pink and lavender, and during the fall, go with warmer, richer tones.

Accessorize With a Scarf

A tunic sweater looks fabulous with various accessories ranging from dangly earrings to statement sunglasses to scarves. During the fall and winter season, bundle up even more with a chunky white knit scarf or a colorful infinity scarf. If you are wearing a print tunic sweater, accessorize with a solid-colored scarf. If you're wearing a solid-colored tunic, accessorize with a print scarf or a scarf in a color that beautifully contrasts and accentuates the tunic sweater.

With Straight Legs Pants

If you strive to achieve an elegant, minimalist, monochromatic look that works well in either the spring or fall, try pairing a soft, gray tunic sweater with white straight-leg pants. It’s practically effortless to piece this look together, takes little time to do so, and will have you looking incredibly sophisticated. It’s the perfect outfit for a brunch date with your girlfriends or a family outing in which you need to get a bit dressed up but still want to maintain a slightly casual look. Finish the look with a brown leather tote and your favorite heeled booties, and you’re golden!

Over a Long-Sleeve Shirt

When you need to layer up, a tunic sweater is your friend. Whether you are doing it for style reasons or practicality (or both), nothing beats a tunic sweater over a long-sleeved shirt look. To make it dressier for an office setting, opt for a long-sleeve button-up dress shirt with a collar. When you are just running errands or hanging out around the house, layer with a long sleeve shirt of your choice. Pick a color that is different from the color of your tunic sweater to enjoy an eye-catching contrast that makes your outfit look even trendier.

Over Another Tunic Top

When one tunic isn’t enough, why stop there? A tunic sweater over another (slightly longer) tunic top made with a different material is quite a chic look. Try a cable knit tunic sweater over a lightweight, sheer chiffon tunic top. This is a slightly more formal and elegant look than other tunic sweater styling ideas, so it’s great for a business dinner or social event.

With Blue Jeans and Riding Boots

A tunic sweater in a gorgeous burgundy color paired with blue skinny jeans and tall riding boots is a quintessential fall look. Both brown or black boots work well with a variety of tunic sweater colors as well as prints. If you prefer patterns to colors, go with a plaid, striped, or polka dot tunic sweater. Accessorize with a scarf and your favorite handbag.

We have just covered a few fabulous tunic sweater styling ideas, but there is so much more that can be done with this clothing item. Have fun with it. Explore your wardrobe and piece together different outfits with the help of a comfy tunic sweater.

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