7 Ways to Style a Cardigan

7 Ways to Style a Cardigan

There are so many reasons to add cardigans to your wardrobe. They keep you warm and stylish during the fall and winter. Even during the spring and summer, you can style a cardigan to match the season. The humble and versatile cardigan is truly a must-have piece! From wearing a cardigan over straight-leg jeans and a plain shirt or tucked into high-waisted pants for accentuating your silhouette, there are endless options for your favorite cardigan. Learn about 7 different flattering, stylish options to style a cardigan.

Cool and Casual

The traditional way to wear a cardigan is to keep it cool and casual. This is what makes cardigans the ideal work-from-home outfits. Polo-style cardigans have a retro touch to them. You can also wear an oversized cardigan that gives more room to stay comfy while staying stylish. The trick to wearing an oversized piece is to balance out portions. Since the top would be large, opt for a pair of skinny jeans or a form-fitting skirt. A shawl collar cardigan with a plain tee puts a unique spin on cool and casual.

Playful Patterns

Don't take cardigans too seriously. Have fun with them and wear different patterns. Animal prints. Stripes. Abstract patterns. Even sweet knits with floral embroidery and appliques. A textured cardigan goes well with plaid pants so that you can mix patterns there as well. Want to wear a cardigan at night? Wear a leopard print slim-fitting cardigan tucked into tailored leather (or pleather) trousers for a chic evening look. There are so many patterns to choose from, and the best part is that there are no hard and fast rules. When it comes to styling cardigans, you're the artist, and the cardigan is your canvas.

Go Bold

If you're going back to the office and looking for comfy casual women's clothing for work, you can go bold in a comfy cardigan. Whether you're going bold with colors or with your style, don't be afraid to shine. If you want to look laid-back yet playful, wear a slightly oversize cardigan with an off-the-shoulder look. Plenty of fashion influencers use that pulled-back cardigan trick to accentuate their collarbone. The off the shoulder look goes well with your favorite necklace and a pair of jeans.

Mix Feminine and Edgy

Cardigans aren't just for casual weekend brunches. You can dress up a cardigan and play with different styles by mixing classic feminine with new and edgy. Add a cardigan to an evening dress for a look that says nonchalant feminine yet relaxed edginess. Wear a button-up cardigan not as a sweater but as a shirt instead and then pair it with a form-fitting pencil skirt and statement heels for a feminine yet edgy twist. For the spring and summer season, go for slim-fitting pastel cardigans over high-waisted cropped denim and kitten heels. Go for a cozy cardigan over a collar blouse. Some cardigans even already have the pretty collar that comes with them.

Accessorize It

Have fun with different accessories like belts and jewelry. By putting a belt over your cardigan, ideally, for a longer cardigan, you can cinch it to accentuate your curves. Simply belt your cardigan over a mid-length skirt, and you'll have a chic option for fall, winter, and even those first brisk months of spring. Stay classy with pearls and a small purse while wearing your cardigan. Some cardigans have unique details like pearl buttons. You can pair them with high-waisted jeans for a French-inspired style. You can amp up your cardigan by wearing sparkly shoes to add some glamor to a lowkey cardigan.

Wear It Long

When you go for a longer cardigan, you can wear it like a dress. Wear a long cardigan with jeans, or wear it with a short skirt to emphasize and lengthen your legs. A mid-length knit cardigan pairs well when worn with relaxed denim. A calf-length knit cardigan can keep you warm without overheating. Choose a thicker knit material to keep you cozy all year long. Ribbed knits are very trendy right now, boding well with a bodycon silhouette and dark fall colors.

That's A Wrap!

Last but not least, don't forget about wearing a cardigan as a wrap. The wrap can be worn in a traditional style or a floor-hitting length. You'll love the feeling of being wrapped in a lightweight, cozy cardigan that can come as a cardigan wrap dress or as a wrap for your on-the-go lifestyle. The next time you head to the office or hit the road, you'll want a chic cardigan wrap at your disposal for that chilly indoor AC or brisk outdoor climate. You really can't go wrong with a wrap cardigan or any of these 7 fun styles.

Wear your cardigan with pride in knowing that you look comfy without looking frumpy. Even today's most buttoned-up knit cardigans are back in style and far from the old-fashioned ones our grandmas used to wear. It's the knitted version of a dressing gown, so have fun with it!


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