7 Spring Transition Shoes

7 Spring Transition Shoes

We totally understand just how difficult it can be to pick out proper footwear for the day during the spring season. You never know what you’re going to get. Will it be rainy with mud and puddles everywhere? Or will it be dry and sunny? Will it be warm or cold? All of these factors influence what outfits you put together, including footwear. In this post, we will take a look at some of the top transition shoes to take you from winter to spring.


Mules have become quite a fashion staple, but we will really see a surge this spring. They are fabulous spring transition shoes that are ideal for both professional settings and casual environments. If you prefer a traditionally more masculine look, you can opt for loafers instead. Mules are open in the back, whereas loafers are enclosed. When you are piecing together an outfit for the office during the spring season, pair mules with straight-leg dress pants and a silky blouse. Since it’s spring, avoid darker colors like black and stick to mules in shades like white, soft pink, and cream.


Espadrilles are a fabulous footwear choice that can take you through spring and right into summer. The jute sole gives them a warm-weather feel, but the closed toe will ensure your feet stay dry and warm on a spring day when the weather isn’t quite as warm as you would like it to be. Espadrilles made in a lighter color like yellow, white, or soft pink are great for spring, but brown leather espadrilles are also a great choice for the season.

Pointy Toe Ballet Flats

Pointy toe ballet flats are a fabulous spring transition shoe when you no longer need to wear boots but aren’t quite ready for sandals and other open-toe shoes. We say pointy toe ballet flats instead of traditional, more oval-shaped ballet flats because the pointy shape will be all the rage this spring. There is something about the pointed structure that gives the shoe a more sophisticated edge (plus, they provide a flattering, more elongated look to the leg). A pair of pointy toe leopard print ballet flats go well with a pair of light wash women’s straight-leg jeans and a crisp white tee. If you prefer a solid-color pointy toe ballet flat so you can wear the shoes with more outfits, try light, solid colors like brown or white.

Fashion Sneakers

You can never go wrong with a fresh, white pair of sneakers. They go with everything from women’s joggers to leggings to cute print skirts to floral women’s dresses. Whether you are going to be doing a lot of walking or just need comfortable, supportive footwear for your commute to work, nothing beats a fashionable pair of high-end sneakers in white or another color. We only recommend white if you plan to wear them frequently with many different outfits. White sneakers are a fashion staple and are versatile; they are much easier to pair with different pieces than fashion statement sneakers or sneakers with bright, vivid designs.

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties may seem like they are more fit for the fall season, but there are many ways to successfully wear them with your spring outfits. This is especially true if you live in a northern climate and your spring seasons tend to stay quite cool until summer. To give your boots more of a spring look, avoid darker colors like black, dark brown, and gray. Instead, go for lighter colors like cream or ankle boots designed with various prints (floral is a great choice). Ankle booties can come in a heel or without a heel, depending on what your style needs are. When in doubt, opt for brown leather ankle boots. This type of shoe can be worn in both the fall and the spring.

Bright, Solid-Color Heels

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and treat yourself to a pair of heels designed purely for your social outings and events when you want to showcase your fashionista side. Every woman should have one go-to pair of bright, solid-color heels she can wear with her favorite dress for a night out with the girls. Both open-toe and closed-toe heels are great choices for a spring transition shoe.

White Lace-Up Boots

We tend to think that boots are more fitting for the fall and winter seasons, but as you know from our earlier point, boots can be worn during the spring too. It just depends on the style and color of the boot. If you are putting together an edgy spring outfit (like a plaid suit), complete the look with a pair of white lace-up boots. Not only is this super stylish, but also the boots will ensure your feet stay super comfy.

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