Make No Mistake With This Sock Style Guide

Make No Mistake With This Sock Style Guide

We all wear socks. Each of us has been wearing them for so long that we can’t even remember if we learned how to put socks on or if that’s an inherent human skill.

It’s common to assume the socks you’ve always worn are the most practical. We just stick with the socks we’re most comfortable with and that’s that. No change necessary, right? Sorta. Let’s take a look below to see which sock styles are best for which seasons.

What are the Best Socks for the Winter?

When you’re walking on cold hardwood floors in the morning or heading out in your winter snow boots for the day you want to be warm. In order to keep warm, you need to take care of your feet. To do that you need your feet to stay dry. Otherwise the moisture will cool your feet and affect your whole body. That’s why wool and Thermaskin socks are the best socks for the winter. These will draw moisture away from your skin and will keep you from shivering as you go about your day. They’re warm and they keep you dry. If you want to go above and beyond for comfort and dryness, try out sock liners. It’s basically the long underwear of socks. You’ll feel like royalty.

What Are Some Good Socks for the Spring and Fall?

The cool months right after winter and that distinctive autumn chill are opportune for your thicker cotton socks. These ones allow you to stay warm when it’s a bit brisk out there.

Cotton crew socks are the answer. They breathe and they put comfort first. They’re more casual than some dress sock options you may look at, but they do definitely get you feeling comfortable.

Are There Summer Socks Out There?

One of the more tricky times of the year. You’ll opt for a shoeless and sockless day running around the park or in your yard at home. When it comes down to running errands where shoes are required, you’re going to be just fine wearing cotton socks. You’ll want something that’s lightweight and covers what it needs to cover. Nothing excessive. No-show and ballet socks are the perfect companions to your sneakers or flats. These are great for those of us who don’t want a defined sock tan on our ankles too. Despite their delicate name, ballet socks won’t bunch up and disappear into your shoe. The grip keeps them in place. Meaning you won’t have to adjust your socks every fifteen feet.

What Occasion is Best for Fun Socks?

There are few limits to wearing wacky, fun, and humorous socks. Mismatched bright socks (usually caused by a lost laundry sock) can show off your favorite colors. Depending on the holiday or event you might love a sweet pair of patterned socks. For all the right reasons people love to comment on cool socks. Give ‘em a go.

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet?

When you’re on your feet all day, you’re really looking forward to the moment you get home so you can take your socks off. Sometimes those dress socks, despite how thin they are, suffocate your toes. In your search for better socks, you’ll want something that breathes. Again, Merino wool will surprise you with its versatility. While they kept your winters warm, you can expect a cooler summer in them too.

That being said, performance socks have a reputation for wicking away sweat as well. Perfect for when you’re active but don’t underestimate their use on a daily basis. Once you decide on how high on your ankle, performance socks will solve all those problems. No sweat.

Pro tip: If you’re having an active day, bring an extra pair of socks and switch them at lunch. It’s like walking on a cloud afterward. Really, you should try it.

If you’re looking for comfy socks, throw them on your next order. They’re the perfect thing to add to your cart when you’re just below the free shipping quota. And they’re so comfy that you’ll want another few pairs.


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