How to Get Your Child Excited About School Uniforms

How to Get Your Child Excited About School Uniforms

It’s tough to get a kid excited about the prospect of heading back to school, let alone find ways to thrill them about wearing their school uniform. While going back to the classroom after a summer full of sunshine and good times is always difficult for little ones, there are definitely some clever ways that kids can make the idea of wearing a uniform more enjoyable.

Some kids may naturally be drawn to the idea of donning a uniform. Maybe they appreciate the chance to have something easy to wear every single day. They may even enjoy the idea of pulling together little creative touches to make their uniforms stand out — all while staying within the school’s dress code rules, of course. If that describes your child, here are some fun ways to help them get excited about wearing a uniform again.

Give Them Options

Choosing items like crisp shirts and uniform skirts and wool pants is par for the course. It’s a standard part of the school year for many parents and children. If you’re accustomed to picking everything without really looking to your little one for insight, though, you could be missing out on a fantastic opportunity to drum up some excitement.

Sure, it’s a little unexpected, especially if there’s a dress code in place that’s fairly difficult to deviate from in the first place. Think about areas where your kid can be useful here, however. If they need to wear a navy skirt, for example, show them the different options available. If they have a choice of plaid patterns, allow them to pick the one that they like the most. Are there polo shirts with different collar styles? Again, let them choose. The more ownership they take of what they wear, the more likely they are to feel happy about wearing those items.

Accessorize Where Possible

They may not be able to get away with wearing graphic tees and vibrant colors, but that doesn’t mean that your child can’t show off their personality and express their unique sense of style in some form. Even a standard polo uniform can look a little more fun and playful when the outfit is dressed up with something that expresses your child’s personality.

For example, they might want to wear a discreet necklace that they love. Let them choose a watch that resonates with them. How about a fun pair of socks? If there’s rule in the dress code that indicates they can’t wear colorful socks, let them have some fun in that area. There are areas where a little fun and flexibility may be completely permissible — but if you aren’t entirely sure, check with the school beforehand.

Choose a Cool Bag

Choosing a backpack for school is a big deal in the days leading up to the first day back. There are many different styles available, which may make the experience of shopping for one a little more enjoyable for your child. Show them what’s available — and stress that they don’t necessarily have to choose something that matches their uniform if they don’t want. They can easily select something in a color or a pattern that they love.

Show them the little extra details that set the bags apart, too. Many of the bells and whistles will come to be very important to them as the school year progresses, whether it’s the water bottle holder positioned on the outside or the spacious exterior pocket that allows them plenty of room to stash everything from their pens and pencils to their calculator. Consider spaciousness, too. Is there enough room for them to carry a sweatshirt in case they get cold, or even a lunch bag if they want to keep their hands free? Let them have fun choosing something that resonates with their style preferences and meets their specific needs at the same time.

Remind Them It’s Temporary

Some kids don’t love wearing school uniforms — and that’s completely okay. Remind them that they only wear it for a few hours a day, and that they even get to break in the middle of the day and switch into a more relaxed PE uniform featuring casual, comfortable clothes that they may prefer.

You can also share with them the many benefits of wearing a uniform. Because they wear the same outfit each day, they never have to worry about choosing something new and different. They don’t have to think about doing any laundry-related chores that they might have in the home. They don’t have to think twice about getting ready in the morning because everything is already decided in advance. Of course, they can also change into whatever they love best as soon as they get home. Framing uniforms in a more positive light can help your child feel more enthusiastic about wearing them overall.


With the school year in full swing, there’s no question your child will appreciate a little help in the uniform department. Whether they need a couple of new pieces or some fun accessories to dress up their look, you can be confident in finding just what they need to feel comfortable throughout the year.


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