Scarves and Wraps for Quick I’m-Late-to-Work Outfits

Anyone who’s being honest will tell you that there’s always at least one weekday morning when things just don’t go right. Maybe their phone died overnight and the alarm didn’t go off. Maybe the kids missed the bus and had to be driven to school. Or, maybe a lot of clothes are in the wash and they don’t know what to put together to look professional. Situations like these can leave the best of us scrambling to get ready in time. But a cute scarf or wrap can be the solution for anyone who needs to be work-ready in 0 to 60 seconds. Here’s how to style yourself professionally with a women’s scarf and get out the door—pronto!

All Hail Fashion Scarves!

When you need to spice up a plain top, a fashion scarf is your ticket to instant professional prowess. These are easy to style and integrate with nearly any outfit. Perhaps you managed to find a black crewneck sweater and slacks but need something cheerful to boost your appearance. A lightweight printed scarf can transform something plain into something stylish in a matter of seconds. These are also so handy for upgrading the level of formality to a top you would consider too casual for work alone, like a quarter sleeve cotton shirt. Keep a collection of delightful prints and colors in your closet at all times for effortless style upgrades in a snap.

Infinite Possibilities With an Infinity Scarf

What can you do when you only have minutes to throw an outfit together? The infinity scarf is the best for anyone in a serious time crunch. You can turn a basic crew neck shirt into a cute, dressy work look when you modify your neckline with an infinity scarf. They are also so no-nonsense to put on: simply wrap them around you once or twice to experiment with longer or shorter loops. The good thing about an infinity scarf is that it’s hard to lose once it’s on. You don’t need to think of a fancy way to tie it either. When you’re in a rush, the simplicity of this circular scarf will be something you can depend on. If it’s a tad chilly outside and your scarf isn’t enough to brave the elements, grab a winter hat for a more comfortable commute.

Knit Shawl Wraps Tie It All Together

Imagine you have minimal brainpower early in the morning and you’re struggling to find that perfect outfit that is both comfortable and stylish. This is where a shawl wrap can come to the rescue. These are like cozy blankets with armholes that can transform a basic top and ankle pants into an impressive outfit. People who are late for work cannot get enough of how these deftly tie an outfit together in a snap. Choose a solid color to complement a printed top, or use a patterned shawl wrap to become the focal point of your outfit. Want to make it unique? Get yours monogrammed!

Bandana Scarves Make Cute Outfit Accents

The classic neckerchief look is easy to achieve with a cheerful bandana scarf. Shorter than traditional winter scarves, they only need a quick knot in the back. Dress up a plain white t-shirt in the spring or long-sleeved mock neck sweater in the fall and winter. With so many attractive prints, you’ll add your personal style and dress up basic items quickly. If you’d like a slightly longer version of the bandana scarf, try the square scarf, which also offers the v-shaped cut when you tie it in the back.

Bright and Colorful Scarves Put Some Spring in Your Step

Any day is a great day to sprinkle a dose of flowery beauty onto your outfit. When you’re feeling like you’re in a styling rut, a floral border scarf can create that visual accent you’ve been craving. When you need a bit more color but would like the option to change things up as the day goes on, throw on a cute pink scarf or a square scarf with some bright prints. This is especially therapeutic to the soul during long winters when you’re missing some bold spring fashion. There is never a wrong time to integrate color and happy prints into your outfit, especially if it will make your day better!

These scarves and wraps will surely make your next hectic morning into less of a mad dash out the door.

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