Rustic Farmhouse Style Inspiration

Rustic Farmhouse Style Inspiration

You may have heard of the modern farmhouse style, which integrates contemporary design elements and modern touches into the classic farmhouse look. This home design style has been super trendy as of late. But have you heard of rustic farmhouse style? Leave behind the smooth lines, glossy accents, and sleek design elements of modern design trends, and instead, welcome the all-natural and rough-hewn. Rustic farmhouse is a celebration of all that is natural. Reclaimed and unfinished wood, natural fibers, repurposed items, and rusted or distressed finishes are elements of this chic yet earthy home design style.

Does this sound like you? Traditional yet earthy, here are all the elements that define farmhouse rustic and how you can integrate them into your home design.

Out With Modern, In With Nature

Like the traditional and modern farmhouse styles, the rustic farmhouse style is country-inspired, down-to-earth, has a homey, comfortable feel, and is a nod to the past. But where traditional farmhouse style tends to be a little lighter and more refined, rustic farmhouse style loves to keep things as close to raw nature as possible. And where modern farmhouse loves to integrate a sort of “man tames nature” vibe into its design with straight lines, glossy finishes, and industrial-inspired accents, rustic farmhouse ditches anything remotely modern and embraces all things nature. Natural is key when it comes to rustic farmhouse, and modern is totally out of the picture. You won’t find any flashy, geometric, or modern materials like plastic or synthetic fibers. Once again, the emphasis is on natural!

Embrace Everything Natural

The most defining characteristic of farmhouse rustic is that it uses natural materials. At the core of this design, style is the use of organic elements in their most natural state to create a curated experience of the natural world in your home. Everything from furniture to bed sheets is an expression of the natural world. A rustic-inspired farmhouse will emphasize wood and stone, featuring those materials in the floors, walls, and ceilings. The bedding, furniture, and décor will also be au natural and include canvas, burlaps, wool, and leather. You won’t find glossy finishes, but instead, a lot of raw materials, such as reclaimed and unfinished wood and stone, which give your home a rustic and comfortably rugged feel. Everything about the rustic farmhouse style is simple, earthy, and natural.

Use a Natural Color Palette

No surprise here! The perfect color palette for your rustic farmhouse home is natural. Leave the bright and bold colors out and embrace the earth tones. Color palettes for this design style lean heavily towards neutral, but there is room for color as long as it sticks to earthy tones. Having earth tone accents around your home will truly bring together the rustic farmhouse feel. Even if your house itself doesn’t have all the architectural elements of a rustic farmhouse, you can integrate them with decorative items and a rustic-inspired color palette. When painting the walls or selecting throw pillows, choose a color palette that is reminiscent of the natural world. This includes olive greens, forest greens, browns, ochre, terra cotta, sandstone, salmon, and dusty blues. Anything too bright, bold, or colorful will feel too far away from nature to be considered rustic.

Embrace the Grit

Rustic design comes with a bit of grit and can feel rough around the edges. This may feel a little unfinished to some or too imperfect to the perfectionist, but that’s the point. Rustic farmhouse style looks unfashioned and imperfect. Rustic design embraces the roughness of raw materials. Consider raw wood and stone, with their many shapes, textures, and colors, as you want to invoke the natural world they came from. While this may feel a bit abrasive at first, it makes each piece of your design scheme unique and not the cookie-cutter feel you may sometimes get in other design styles. Embrace the grit and bring elements like driftwood, exposed beams, reclaimed wood, rough textures, and raw fabrics into your home. Items like seagrass baskets and woven wool blankets are also great ways to add a rustic dimension to your home décor.

Warm and Cozy

While the rustic farmhouse style may sound intense, it’s considered warm, cozy, and inviting. This design seeks to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting. Think oversized fireplaces, thick fuzzy rugs, woven baskets, wooly throw blankets, and the warmth of heavy wooden furniture. Warm colors, cozy textures, raw materials, handmade wood furniture, and natural textiles are easy ways to integrate Rustic Farmhouse into your home décor. You can easily capture the coziness of the rustic style without going full-blown rustic with your home. By incorporating some of these rustic elements into your home, you can catch the feel without overhauling your whole design scheme.

You don’t have to live in a log cabin to incorporate some rustic farmhouse style in your home. This natural, rough, aged, and earthy design can be integrated into just about any homestyle to bring the raw beauty of nature into your home.


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