Farmhouses Are In: Rustic Chic Home Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

Farmhouses Are In: Rustic Chic Home Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

A number of distinguishable characteristics set a rustic-chic style apart from its counterparts. It’s warm, inviting, and approachable, with a cozy aesthetic that instantly adds a traditional touch to any space. It’s the complete opposite of those sleek, hyper-contemporary styles. In a rustic-chic space, it’s the creature comforts of home, like plush fleece blankets and aged wooden furniture, that truly shine.

There’s a sense of casual imperfection associated with farmhouse design, and that’s part of its charm. You aren’t under any pressure to create a flawless living environment where everything matches perfectly. There aren't any specific layouts that define this type of space, which is often referred to as shabby chic or cottage style. The overarching elements that convey that wonderfully cozy vibe are all approachable, effortless, and laid-back. Here’s how to make them an integral part of your home this holiday season.

Bring in the Greens

Adding some fresh greenery to the home is an easy way to start the transition toward a festive farmhouse look. At its core, this aesthetic is all about natural beauty — what better way to express that than with plant life? During the holiday season, make the most of merry accents like Christmas wreaths. Hang one on the front door, place one near the fireplace mantel, or suspend one from a window.

Holiday garlands are equally befitting of the farmhouse theme. They’re incredibly versatile, too. While they look gorgeous entwined with twinkling lights on the mantel, they also add a lush touch to the staircase. You can even drape one over the headboard to introduce a touch of festive cheer to the bedroom. Add a few plants throughout the home, too. A poinsettia on the entry table and a pretty centerpiece in the dining room can make all the difference.

Add Some Subtle Accents

What if you love farmhouse décor and live in a modern home? It’s easy to warm up the home with a few subtle accents that add undeniable festive cheer to your living space. The key word is “subtle” — you don’t want to force the aesthetic, or your décor may appear unbalanced or out of place. Use your existing color palette as inspiration. If your kitchen is crisp and white, for example, you have the perfect foundation for a few vibrant accessories, like holiday hand towels and red and green coffee mugs.

Adding a wire basket or a galvanized metal container to the space is another simple touch that works. Steel tones complement most contemporary environments beautifully, yet evoke a more understated, cozy feel. Remember, the key is simplicity. Swap out the throw pillows in solid colors for more holiday-friendly styles. Stick with something that flatters what’s already in the room; if it’s a glossy space adorned with sophisticated accents, try a silvery snowflake pillow instead of one etched with the bolder, more colorful images of Santa Claus and reindeer.

Elevate the Cozy Factor

Winter calls for cozy nights spent inside with the ones you love the most. Whether you’re holed up inside on a snowy weekend or just want to escape from the holiday chaos for a while, you won’t be able to resist the way a few cozy accents warm up your home. Now is the time to break out the Christmas blankets, plush area rugs, and overstuffed pillows.

You can implement these pieces wherever it’s most practical. If you spend a lot of time curled up on the couch watching holiday movies and relaxing with the family, the living room is the perfect spot for a farmhouse makeover. Or lavish your bedroom with a few of these cozy accents and make the most of every moment by relaxing in this comfortable space.

Focus on Highlighting Texture

Many farmhouse-style homes feature plentiful texture. It’s an important element that conveys a sense of haphazard charm. You’ll find everything from imperfect woods to shiplap to rich fabrics. They all play well with one another, so don’t shy away from mixing materials. One way to achieve that easily is to incorporate both old and new items together. Bring out the vintage Christmas ornaments, the aged planters, and the old-world accents that once belonged to your grandparents.

Incorporate soft fabrics, like plush fleece and faux fur. Wreaths, hardwood, and even ornate elements like decorative mirrors and antique linens all have a place in a farmhouse-inspired space. Think of areas of the home where it’s easier to implement such things, like the room with the arched doorway or the space with the exposed wooden beams. That innately rustic charm already built into the space works in your favor during the holiday season; traditional festive accents look right at home in these areas.

Embracing the natural charm and beauty of farmhouse aesthetics can transform the tone of your home during the holiday season. Relaxed and unpretentious, it sets the tone for a festive and magic space that’s perfect to celebrate every joyous moment.


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