3 Romantic Spring Vacation Ideas for Couples

3 Romantic Spring Vacation Ideas for Couples

Spring is a much-awaited season that comes after months of bitter cold and hazardous weather conditions. It's a refreshing change that opens up many possibilities, especially for outdoor excursions. When you don't have to constantly worry about refundable plane tickets or hotels due to weather-related cancellations, the world is your oyster. And since the weather is not too hot or too cold, couples can take advantage of these perfect weather days by going on a romantic spring vacation. So get one of your best women’s travel bags ready for an adventure: Here are three romantic spring vacation ideas for couples.

1 - Go on a Weekend Hike

When the weather is mild, it's a great time to go and do things outside, especially when physically demanding activities. If you and your partner are into athletic dates, then going on a weekend hike is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors without breaking too much of a sweat. This is a wonderful casual date that allows you to stay cozy in some athletic shorts, sneakers, and an active top. In the summer or winter, the weather can be uncomfortable for long excursions outdoors. But spring makes it possible to get outside before the mosquitoes come out without any extreme weather to boot.

To make your hike a one-of-a-kind adventure, plan your route strategically. Rent a cabin along the trail that you will reach by the evening so that you can unwind at the right time. If meals are a concern, you can pack some convenient nonperishable foods with you or set up a reservation with a hotel or bed and breakfast that is along the way. Depending on the amenities around you, there may also be a way to refuel and rest as you get away from it all.

Tip: Worried about meals or being stranded? Then look before you leap. Before you go for a long hike, check your route for bus stops and accessibility to taxis or rideshares. You can also choose to start at a cabin and then explore peripheral trails so that your car and provisions are all at a secure location.

2 - Visit a Famous City

This is the season to take advantage of the wonderful weather outside. While big cities can feel sweltering or crowded in the summer, spring is a comfortable time to explore many metropolitan areas on foot. If you and your partner have been curious about visiting a certain landmark, then this is the time to book your trip. Whether you go by plane, car, or train, make the journey part of the adventure.

If you need a convenient carry-on bag that doesn’t break the bank, get a zip-top canvas tote bag. This simple bag securely closes so that its contents don’t spill out in the overhead compartment. If you need to get an item quickly, the open style of a tote bag makes it easy to reach in and find what you're looking for.

Tip: Make your tote bag easy to recognize by monogramming it with your name or initials. It also helps to get your tote bag in a distinguishable color like bright blue or hot pink. To be sure that everything goes off without a hitch, choose a tote bag that has sturdy handles and is made out of canvas material. This ensures that you can even carry heavier items like electronics and toiletries with confidence.

3 - Spring Break in the Caribbean

Spring may be a touch too cold to go to the beach in the continental United States, but the weather is just right for your new swimsuit in tropical climates. If you want to skip the passport, go to an American territory like Puerto Rico that only requires some government-approved ID and a plane ticket. If you want to go to an all-inclusive resort, that requires going outside of U.S. territories. Keep in mind the extra time you'll need to refresh or order a passport in this case.

International destinations like Jamaica, Cancun, and other warm-weather escapes are perfect for the springtime months. It won't be too hot there but the weather will be just right for laying in a hammock under the warm sun. Be sure to pack a couple of beach bags in your carry-on luggage so that you have a convenient way to tote your sunblock and women’s cover-ups to the beach and beyond. Now you can look forward to some relaxing days by the water as you sip on delicious drinks and enjoy books with your soulmate.

When you choose to go somewhere exciting for your spring vacation, you can bond more as a couple and make memories that last a lifetime. Which romantic spring vacation ideas for couples do you want to try this year?


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