Romantic Getaway Ideas That Are Perfect for Fall

Romantic Getaway Ideas That Are Perfect for Fall

When September hits, schedules change, everyone is going in different directions, and things can get crazy. Sometimes you just need a break. Why not go for a romantic getaway? Fall is a great time to travel since, again, most other people are involved in keeping up with their new fall schedules, kids are in school, and everything is in the off-season—meaning things are likely to be emptier, quieter, and cheaper. All of these are excellent reasons to take a little time off and run away to a beautiful fall destination with the love of your life. Pack your travel bags! Here are some romantic getaway ideas that are perfect for fall.

The Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee

Those on the East Coast aren't too far away from the gorgeous mountain scenery in the Great Smokey Mountains. Named for the whiteish-blue mistiness that often surrounds them, these mountains celebrate fall by bursting into color. Choose from the many hikes available, including part of the Appalachian Trail that spans nearly the entire East Coast, to see stunning waterfalls and lovely autumn vistas—perfect for playing in the falling leaves as you travel and stealing a kiss or two. You might even catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife around. Gatlinburg, home to the highest point in the state of Tennessee, is a place visitors can stay while they're visiting the park. It's 1,400 feet above sea level and offers splendid overlooks of autumn scenery.

Yellowstone National Park

For those who prefer to be a little more west, Yellowstone National Park is a handsome place to spend some fall time. You'll want to go a little early to be sure you don't get caught in the snow, but this is a beautiful location for hiking, canyoneering, and watching the seasons change. The clear autumn light is also perfect for seeing the rainbow-colored Grand Prismatic Spring and the Mammoth Hot Springs with its multi-layered, multicolored terraces formed by centuries of boiling water cooling and depositing minerals. Check out the Old Faithful geyser and Yellowstone Lake for other unique water attractions. While most of the waters around will either be too hot to swim in or too cold (unless you are up for ice-swimming dares), you can always return to your hotel for a bath and your own special "hot spring" experience.

Cheyenne in Wyoming

If you want something a little different from the mountains, consider the prairies! Cheyenne, Wyoming, has miles of golden grasslands that reach to the horizon, with groups of quaking aspens here and there providing some alternative color. Dance together under a clear blue sky surrounded by those amber waves of grain, or go visit the city. There you'll find lovely botanic gardens with more plant life as well as the High Plains Arboretum, a place where over 60 species of trees and shrubs are cultivated for viewing. Along with Old West museums and nearby Curt Gowdy State Park for camping, hiking, boating, and more, this is a must-see fall location.

Bucks County in Pennsylvania

For a more small-town-America atmosphere, consider Bucks County in Pennsylvania. There are solitary country roads surrounded by the warm colors of the season, and romantic covered bridges make picturesque scenes brimming with blazing yellows, blazing oranges, and smoldering reds. Throw on a men's or women's scarf to keep warm and hop out to take some pictures. Maybe take a slow and sweet stroll in the autumn wonder. Roads wind through the southeast, where Pennsylvania borders New Jersey and where the famous Delaware River runs. Rich in Revolutionary history, Bucks County has a vibrant cultural and artistic community that anyone would want to check out.

Anywhere in Hawaii

Want summer to last a little longer? Stretch it out by going to any of the Hawaiian islands! There's a rainy season, but this gorgeous tropical location is rain-free until about November. That's enough time for you and your special someone to bask in the sunlight on white sands and put on bathing suits to swim in warm azure waters. Consider taking some surf classes together and giving each other a chance to laugh as you learn. The reefs are also quite impressive and worth checking out. If you've had your fill of the sea, take advantage of hikes into the volcanos with lovely tropical greenery and gigantic waterfall viewings. Whatever you both choose to do, you can bond over the beautiful memories you make together.

With all of these lovely locations, everyone will be able to find something that suits them, whether it's beachside relaxation, mountain views, or prairie horizons. If you have the time, take a road trip and explore multiple locations. Fall is a varied and gorgeous season that shows up a little differently everywhere you go. Enjoy!


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