Romantic Date Ideas for Winter

Romantic Date Ideas for Winter

Regardless of the weather, winter is one of the most romantic times of the year to go on some seasonally inspired dates. With snowflakes, Christmas lights, festive music, and all kinds of deliciousness to indulge in, winter is practically made for getting cozy and romantic. So get inspired this winter with some of these romantic dates ideas for you and your date to enjoy.

Go Sledding

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that gets good snow and has some epic hills, then planning a sledding date can be a fun-filled and romantic way to go on a date. Especially if you're sharing the same sled, wrapping your arms around your loved one, and getting snuggly in your sled. Whizzing down a hill through the snow can be wonderfully romantic and filled with laughs and smiles. Just make sure you are wearing a good pair of women’s or men’s snow pants, so your legs stay warm and dry while you’re out there having fun.

Go Ice Skating

Nothing says winter romance like ice skating under holiday lights. One can easily imagine Rockafeller Center in New York City with the giant Christmas tree, lights strung everywhere, and couples twirling and gliding together on the ice. Luckily, you don’t have to be in New York City to capture this same romance with your love. Look around your area and see where there are ice rinks this winter. Both indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks can work and are excellent choices for your next romantic winter date location. Hold hands, laugh, talk, and glide away on ice with this great romantic date idea.

Make a Snowman

Connect to your inner child, together, by getting into the snow and building a snowman. This is a great opportunity to play together, laugh, and talk. Fun in the snow is a special kind of romance that is part of what makes dating in the winter so wonderful. Bring along a couple of thermoses of hot cocoa, hot spiced wine, or your favorite hot drink so you can sip, chat, and stay warm while making your snowman and playing in the snow. Don’t forget to bring along some winter gloves and a hat for your new snowman friend.

Sip Hot Cocoa by a Fire

After ice skating, sledding, snowman building, or simply enjoying a moody winter’s afternoon, sipping hot cocoa by a fire is a classic way to get snuggly and romantic during the winter. The cabin and cottage vibes are even more cozy and romantic when there’s fresh snow falling outside and a crackling fire. Cuddle up together under a warm throw blanket with your favorite hot drinks and snacks. Put on some nice music, set the lighting, and bring out a cheese plate to make the mood especially romantic. The best part of this kind of date is that you get to sit around together, warm and cuddly by a fire, simply enjoying one another’s company.

Cook Dinner at Home

Nothing charms your significant other like a delicious and gourmet dinner cooked at home. Plan an exciting or interesting menu with some of your date’s favorites. It will feel like you’re going out to a romantic, candlelit dinner, but from the comfort and intimacy of home. Open a nice bottle of red wine, light the candles, put on a nice dress, get the music right, and enjoy this cozy and romantic dinner date without having to go out into the cold. Home-cooked dates are perfect for winter because you can stay in and stay warm while still enjoying a romantic dinner.

Weekend Ski Getaway

Take your romantic winter date to the next level by planning a ski getaway with your love. Find a ski area near you and book a cabin or condo for a long weekend to have a few days on a romantic winter date together. Even if you don’t ski, find a cabin or cottage in the countryside where you can enjoy the beauties of winter and the romance of a cozy weekend away together. If ski and snow are really not for you, then perhaps plan a beach trip for you and your significant other that will feel like the perfect winter romantic date, even if it’s an escape from winter!

Couple’s Massage

Self-care in the winter is important for keeping us healthy and happy during the colder months. Make your self-care into the perfect romantic winter date with your significant other. Book a day at your local spa or wellness center for both of you. Many spas offer couple's therapies and massages where you can enjoy the warmth and relaxation of a spa day together. Relaxing together can be quite romantic, especially if it’s cold and blustery outside.

Make the most of the winter by taking your significant other on some wonderful romantic dates. It’s not called winter wonderland for nothing!

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