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Rom Com-Core

Who can forget those iconic rom-coms that reached their prominence in the early aughts and became a core part of the culture? The bustling NYC streets, the woman whose life is filled with surprises (some good, some great, some the love of her life), and, of course, the meet-cutes. Along with a heartwarming storyline, these films gave us plenty of fabulous fashion throughout the ’90s and 2000s. With Y2K fashion still going strong, we can expect a resurgence of rom-com core style through the rest of the year. Why not romanticize your wardrobe and life with the best outfits the early aughts rom-com it girls have to offer? In this post, we’ll show you how you can create cute, trendy rom-core outfits with existing pieces in your wardrobe.

The Timeless Slip Dress

Maxi dresses are taking a back seat this year while slip dresses come to the forefront. Think satin mini and midi dresses with a hint of lace trim or anything Carrie Bradshaw would wear on a hot summer day while going to meet her girlfriends. A slip dress comes in many styles and lengths, including maxi, midi, and mini. Although, if you are looking to recreate an early aughts vibe, keep the length shorter. Necklines are important too. Opt for a cowl neck, square neck, or a slight V-neck. Slip dresses in both solid colors and prints are both very stylish. Opt for designs like leopard prints, floral prints, or even something bold and different like newspaper print. Slip dresses can be accessorized with different footwear options, from chunky combat boots and socks for a casual look to strappy stilettos for a fancy night out.

Cargo Pants and Capris

The early aughts fashion brought us cargo pants and capri pants and showed us just how stylish these pant styles can be. We challenge you to find one rom-com character who wasn’t wearing either of those styles in a memorable movie scene or an actress in the early aughts who didn’t love a comfy pair of cargo pants. This year, we will see plenty of cargo pants and capri styles throughout the spring and summer. All styles are welcome, from neutral tones like khaki and black to colorful cargo pants and print cargo pants. Cargo pants can be worn with shoes such as boots as well as flip-flops for a casual summer outing. Capri pants look fabulous with chunky mules and those iconic wedge platform sandals. When pairing your capris or cargo pants with a top, opt for women’s tank tops, spaghetti-strap camis, and anything that shows off your shoulders and collarbone area.

The Tube Top

When thinking about what top to wear with your cargo pants or capris, nothing screams early aughts rom-com quite like a colorful tube top. Tube tops are fantastic for hot summer days and wild summer nights. They can easily transition from a daytime look to an evening look too. Don’t be afraid to opt for the boldest, most colorful tube tops with intricate paisley prints, color-blocking patterns, and sheer details. Cargo pants can also be worn with flowy knee-length skirts and denim skirts in varying lengths and washes.

The Accessories

What was the mother of all hair accessories in the early 2000s? You guessed it: the hair clip. Swap out your basic black hair tie or scrunchie for a colorful hair clip to hold up your hair. Style your hair clip updo with a couple of free-flowing strands or artfully placed mini braids to frame your face. Jewelry accessories can be colorful and youthful: think bead chokers and bracelets, bandanas for your head, bucket hats, and big, bold sunglasses. When it comes to handbags, retire your oversized tote for smaller options, such as a clutch for evening social events and a shoulder back for your daytime activities.


Denim has never gone out of style, and it’s safe to say it never will. However, throughout the years, certain denim pieces have been on hiatus. The denim skirt, for example, is one piece we haven’t seen in the fashion spotlight until recently. If you have any old denim skirts from your early aughts years tucked away in your closet, bring them out of retirement. Denim mini skirts, as well as longer midi and maxi denim skirts, will be a big hit in the 2023 rom-com fashion. Along with denim skirts, expect to see more denim overalls making a splash this season. Denim overalls can be worn with a bralette, camisole top, tube top, or any other colorful, form-fitting women’s summer shirt. You can’t overdo it on denim this year, so don’t be afraid to accessorize your denim outfit with a denim shoulder bag or a denim scrunchie.

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