Revamp Your Summer Style With Elevated Basics

Revamp Your Summer Style With Elevated Basics

If it’s time for you to round out your summer wardrobe, seek out elevated staples you can wear year after year, like white T-shirts and skinny jeans. Elevated staples have something extra that lends a bit more style. Additionally, these versatile staples can be worn any time of the year when styled properly (and from work through to the weekend). Read more about the elevated staples we suggest you purchase for your wardrobe.

Graphic T-shirt

Let’s start with the tops. Everyone needs solid women’s T-shirts in their closet, such as black or white T-shirts. However, if you want to add a bit more pizzazz to your outfits, look for graphic tees. Sporty graphic tees featuring iconic logos like the Swoosh or trefoil match well with other athleisure apparel, such as track pants, joggers, and sweatpants. You can wear streetwear outfits like these with fashion sneakers. There are other graphic T-shirt styles you can try out, such as those with retro stripes or another trending pattern. These staples work well with most bottoms, from comfy jeans to black slacks.


Whether worn as an outfit’s base or the centerpiece, a slimming bodysuit makes styling easy. Bodysuits are all the rave right now, so you have plenty of styles to choose from when selecting a summer staple for your closet. You can choose something neutral that goes with almost anything or a lace, sheer, or patterned bodysuit. For summer, you might want to stick to sleeveless or short-sleeved bodysuits.

Oversized Button-Down Shirt

Button-down shirts go with most bottoms—from jeans to slacks. Plus, shirts are fit for the work environment, a family dinner, and many other occasions. However, oversized shirts kick the classic staple up a notch. The silhouette means your skin will have more room to breathe. Plus, this style layers easier over leggings, skinny jeans, and other bottoms. However, you can also wear your oversized shirt tucked in, partially tucked, and untucked. Solid neutral tones, such as white and tan, will match almost all your bottoms. However, you could always switch things up with a pattern fit for summer, such as stripes, nautical prints, or a pastel shade.

Track Jacket

If you need a sporty layer for chilly summer evenings, try a track jacket. Track jackets are defining sporty layers that feature stripes at the shoulders and arms, a front zip closure, and zip pockets. They’re lightweight enough to wear even during summer. For a top-to-bottom, sporty look, you can pair this layer with matching track pants. Find the track jacket that best fits your style. For an eye-catching look, go for a track jacket with colorblocking or splashes of color.


A structured blazer compliments your body’s natural shape, offering a flattering fit. It’s a must-have layering essential for the workplace and beyond—even in the summer. When layered over a pair of shorts, for example, a blazer provides a bit of edge. You can never go wrong with a black blazer. However, switch things up in the summer by adding a patterned blazer to the mix, such as plaid, windowpane, or houndstooth, or one with a bright or pastel shade.

Straight Jeans

Skinny jeans are trendy, but jeans that have a straight cut from hip to hem can be more comfortable during the summertime since they’re airier than bottoms sticking to your skin. Play with various shades of denim, from light to dark washes. Or look for jazzed-up straight leg jeans with sequins, embroidery, or other embellishments. Plus, denim matches plenty of types of apparel and accessories.

Slip Skirt

Slip skirts are lightweight bottoms usually made of satin or silk. The breezy fabric makes these types of skirts fit for summer. You can find these staples in various lengths, from mini to maxi. Slip skirts are fun to style since you can match them with a tank top or basic tee or a chic peasant blouse. Wear your women’s skirts with white sneakers, flats, or pumps.

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are also a great bottom choice for summer weather. They don’t stick to your skin but instead provide a breezy fit. Like the other staples we’ve mentioned, you won’t have a hard time finding a shade or print you love since they come in a wide range. Match them with flat or heeled sandals, pumps, or flats and, of course, a wide-brimmed summer hat.


Overalls are becoming more popular staples these days. Their bagginess paired with a top underneath looks stylish. There’s plenty of fun you can have styling overalls—neutral shades will match most other shades. Plus, you can play around with the apparel piece itself, such as rolling up the hem or styling one strap unbuckled. Alternatively, a jumpsuit is a dressier choice for an elevated look during the summer. Jumpsuits are fitting for the office, too, and will surely keep you comfortable.

Finally, find a statement piece that speaks to you and lets you show off your personality and style during the summer. This piece will tie your outfit together, no matter where you’re heading. Whether you fall in love with a designer belt, handmade jewelry, or Cat-eye sunglasses, everyone needs that favorite piece they can’t leave the house without wearing.

Also, if you have vacation plans with water involved, look for a chic swimsuit that’ll elevate your look beyond a solid black swimsuit. Basics don’t have to be boring—especially if you use our tips!


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