How to Reuse your Halloween Decorations

How to Reuse Your Halloween Decorations

You don’t have to throw away your Halloween decorations once you turn the calendar to November 1, instead, you can reuse them, which is a great way to protect the environment and save some money.

Here’s how to reuse your Halloween décor throughout the year.

Use Your Halloween Knick-Knacks Into Christmas Tree Décor

Between mini bats, pumpkin toys, and small witch hats, your home is probably fully outfitted with small Halloween knick-knacks throughout October. Instead of putting these items away until next year, you can attach loops of string to each small item and use them as Christmas tree decorations. This not only helps you fill up your Christmas tree but gives your tree a bit of a one-of-a-kind spooky theme.

Now, just balance that out with a festive Christmas tree skirt, star tree topper and twinkling holiday lights.

Roast The Seeds From Your Pumpkins

Halloween is synonymous with pumpkins—so you probably have plenty of them laying around post-holiday. You can cut them open and scoop out the pumpkin seeds, then soak them and rinse them, according to All Recipes. Once you scoop out the seeds, put them on a baking sheet and drizzle them with olive oil and whatever spice blend you’d like. Many folks love to mix them just with salt or to add in some pumpkin pie spice for more of a sweet treat. Whatever you do, just don’t wait too long to make your roasted pumpkin seeds, you don’t want your pumpkin to start to get moldy.

Bring Your String Lights To Your Basement

You can turn your basement into an orange-themed oasis with any orange string lights that you’ve used to decorate your home this Halloween. String these lights along the ceiling and along the floorboards to create an orange oasis where you can spend time in with your family. It’ll be a perfect space for movie-watching or game night with the addition of just a few throw blankets and pillows.

If you don’t have a basement, you can try this in a finished attic or even in one of your kid’s rooms—just make sure it’s a room you’re willing to turn into a more fun vibe. In other words, this probably won’t work well in a living room.

Donate Any Hay Décor To a Farm

Farms can always use more hay and cornstalks for their farm animals to snack on. If you decorated your home with these items, find a nearby farm to donate your gently used hay and cornstalks—just make sure they aren’t decorated with any items that can be dangerous to animals.

This is also a great excuse to wear one of your favorite flannel shirts when dropping the décor off at the farm—is there anything more farm-friendly than flannel?

Use Fake Spiderwebs as Protective Packaging

You may not think you’ll ever be able to use those fake spiderwebs for anything else, but, it turns out you’re mistaken. Whether you’re mailing a package to a loved one or putting away glass items in storage, you can use fake spiderwebs as insulation and protective packaging instead of things like packing peanuts and bubble wrap. You’ll probably need a fair amount of fake spiderwebs to ensure your items are fully protected, but the soft and protective nature of the piece of Halloween décor will ensure your items makes it to their destination in one piece.

Get Sewing

Any felt or cloth pumpkins or bats can be sewn onto messenger bags, backpacks, or canvas bags for an all-year spooky spin on the bag you (or your kids) bring to school or work. This is especially great for any kids who are big Halloween fans.

Save Your Costumes!

You never know when a Halloween costume can come in handy—how often have you been stuck without a costume for a last-minute party? An old witch hat is all you need for an office Halloween party. So, instead of putting your family’s Halloween costumes away, save them for future Halloween parties or last-minute costumes.

And, remember, you can wear your comfy Halloween pajamas all year round—no one will know the difference!

And Save Your Décor For a Scary-Themed Party

Your Halloween lights, light-up bats, or creepy wall décor can all be stored for a Halloween-themed party later in the year—whether your kids want a scary-themed party in the summer or you host a watch party for the latest thriller movie, you can decorate your space with the décor you’ve put away for the season.


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