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Retro Bathing Suit Styles You Have to Try

Retro styles are back, and there’s so much for ladies to love about these fabulous looks! From vintage glamour to fun and flirty styles inspired from the past, retro women's swimwear is foolproof when it comes to having a flattering swimsuit this summer. Let’s take a look at some of the top bathing suit styles you have to try.

High-Waisted Swimwear

Comfortable, versatile, and appealing for all body types, the high-waisted swimsuit is a retro style that is perfect for ladies looking for a sophisticated look. These can work on everyone, as it is a stylish slimming swimsuit. High-waisted swim bottoms are easy to pair with every swim top style, from cute bikini tops that help show off the high waist to adorable tankini tops that provide more coverage. Look like you’re a model straight out of the 1940s with your high-waisted swimwear.

Modest Swimwear Styles

Revisit the simple looks from the 1920s by choosing swimsuits that use modest elements in unique and flattering ways. Many of today’s swimwear styles have hints of the modest looks that were popular decades ago, but with modern twists and features that make them ideal for today’s women. You can find styles from modest one-piece swimsuits to flattering swim dresses. For example, you can find modest swimsuit features like:

Perfect Polka Dots

Who doesn’t love the fun, flirty look of polka dots? Perfect for everyone’s style personality, polka dots are the go-to print that is always on-trend. Get in touch with your inner 1950s retro pin-up girl when you put on an elegant and charming swimsuit done in a polka dot style. You can find all-over polka dot one-pieces, mix-and-match swimwear styles that allow you to combine polka dots and solids, or looks that showcase polka dots along with other prints or special accents. Don't forget your oversized sunglasses, hair scarf, or huge sunhat to finish off this look with some retro glamour.

Vintage Swim Dress Styles

Another vintage swimwear style that is as beloved today as it was decades ago is the women's swim dress. This popular look has definitely undergone some transformations over the years, from the longer and looser versions to more form-fitting versions. For modern women, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to the swim dress. You can find a variety of lengths, from cute minis to sporty A-lines to longer versions. If you prefer the convenience of a two-piece, just pair a swim skirt in the length of your choice with a vintage swim top to get that retro look.

Ruffles and Bows

Another cue from the past is ladies’ swimwear that incorporates ruffles and bows. These can be complementary to almost all body shapes and add that extra splash that takes a suit from simple to stunning. Done right, these cute details don’t take the look over the top; rather, they just give it a hint of that retro feel. Look for small ruffle or bow accents on the bodice, shoulder straps, or even on swim bottoms for a cute look.

Radiant Ruching

The best swimwear doesn’t just hold up well in the sun, salt, and chlorine–it makes you feel incredible, too. That’s why ladies will love retro looks that include ruching. The is popular on one-piece swimsuits as well as tankini tops, so you have lots of choices. This helps portray a sleek and flattering look while giving the swimsuit an extra style boost. Ruched swimwear has stylish folds of fabric, so it works for various body shapes.

Shopping Tips for Retro-Inspired Swimwear

Vintage-inspired swimwear styles done in modern fabrics are a good choice because they have all the style you’re looking for and the fabric is in tip-top condition. You’ll also have the advantage of technology like swimsuits with sun-protection, extra moisture-wicking capabilities, and materials that resist fading and damage from chlorine. To get an idea of what retro styles will work best for you, browse pictures of the different historic styles and discover what features you like best. Next is the fun part–get out there and try on some swimwear styles that are inspired by the past to look sensational this summer!


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