Resort Wear for Women

Resort Wear for Women

With summer on its way, it's the season of traveling and enjoying the beach, whether that be a family vacation getaway, a romantic vacation with your partner, or a fun girl's trip. This means you are going to need all your summer essentials to take on your next all-inclusive tropical resort vacation. You may be thinking to yourself, where do I even start?! Don't worry, though--Lands' End has you covered with a list of things you will need for your next resort vacation.

Step 1: Finding the perfect luggage set

The first thing you need to prep for your next summer vacation is to find the perfect luggage set, whether that be a carry-on bag, a Women's Weekender Bag, a carry-on luggage tote, rolling luggage bag, or a duffle bag. Finding the perfect bag to pack all your necessities in is the first step. A rolling luggage bag is ideal and convenient for navigating through the airport. Lands' End has plenty of options to choose from. We have soft-shell and hard-shell options, as well as a variety of sizes. Once you have your suitcase, you're going to need a carry-on! Two great options are the carry-on luggage tote or duffle bag. Both are great options for your carry-on luggage. Duffle bags are spacious and easy to pack. The benefit of using a duffle bag is that they are flexible and less structured. This gives you plenty of room to squeeze in the extra items you want to pack. The carry-on luggage tote is a more compact version of a duffle bag, taking the shape of a tote bag. Its fold-over construction allows for flexibility, and the exterior zip pocket offers quick access to stowed belongings, which is a great feature in a carry-on bag when traveling.

Step 2: Finding the perfect swimsuit style to pack

One of the most important pieces of attire you need on an all-inclusive tropical resort vacation is a swimsuit. Lands' End has a wide variety of swimsuits to choose from. We have one-piece swimsuits, tankini bathing suits, swim dresses, bikinis, swim skirts, swim shorts, and rash guards. We also have a variety of size options to choose from, such as plus size, petite, and long torso & tall. You are going to want to pack a couple of different options: at least one practical, one full-coverage, and one neutral-colored bathing suit. The practical swimsuit is good to have so you can partake in physical activities such as paddle boarding, jet skiing, parasailing, swimming, and scuba diving. You should have a swimsuit that you feel comfortable and confident in. Some options of a modest full coverage suit are a swim dress, swim skirt or shorts. Having a neutral-colored suit is a necessity: think colors like black, white, and brown. These colors can match well with any swim cover up you may be wearing. And since it is a tropical vacation, don't forget to pack a colorful swimsuit to embrace in the tropical vibes!

Step 3: Finding the perfect beach cover up

Now that you have your swimsuit, you're going to need the perfect beach cover up. Lands' End has plenty of beach cover up options for women to choose from. Take the casual swim cover up dress. You can throw it over your bathing suit, so you're ready to grab a quick drink at the tiki bar. If you're going for a boho chic look, linen swim cover up pants make for the perfect cover up. Throw them over your swimsuit to take a stroll on the beach. If you want a light and flowy cover up, a great choice would be the maxi swim cover-up skirt or a maxi dress. Both are perfect to throw over your swimsuit for a romantic stroll on the beach at sunset.

Step 4: The best day and night resort wear options

Now that you have your swimsuits and beach cover ups, you need some day and night resort wear options. At some resorts, you may need to be dressed more casually for during the day and less casually for the evening, so having options is a must. You should have some casual sundress alternatives for brunch by the beach. The next necessity is to have a comfortable outfit to wear while touring around the island, such as a comfortable women's tunic top or linen blouse with a pair of Cotton women's shorts. It's also wise to have a women's activewear set, such as athletic shorts and a women's T-shirt. This way if you want to head to the hotel gym, go for a hike or ATVing around the island, you have an outfit that you can move in. The last thing you need is fancy outfit for a romantic candle lit dinner. Lands' End has a variety of women's dresses to choose from. They come in many different styles, sizes, and color selections. You will be able to find the perfect dress for your next tropical vacation.

Now you have everything you need for your next all-inclusive tropical resort vacation. Start packing those bags, so you don't miss your next flight.


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