Renting vs. Buying: Exploring Sustainable Fashion Options for Special Occasions

As our beautiful Earth continues to feel the harmful effects of single-use plastics and fast fashion, alternative, more sustainable options are on everyone's mind. There is no "Planet B," as they say, so it's vital to keep Mother Earth happy and healthy by adjusting our daily practices, such as recycling, reducing plastic use, reusable bags, etc. We should consider another sustainable practice: renting clothing.

Here we will review the concept's positive advantages and troubleshoot any possible difficulties. Read on for hot takes on renting and reusing clothing.

Circular Economy

The idea of renting clothing plays well into the concept of a circular economy, which reduces the production and consumption of goods by reusing existing materials for as long as possible. With this economic idea, we tackle one of the greatest struggles of the present: waste production. The model encourages leasing apartments instead of building new, refurbishing, and repairing items such as phones, cabinets, etc. This strategy of recycling extends to a larger context than just plastic bottles. And we're throwing clothing into the mix now too.

Save on Closet Space

Renting clothing creates more space in the closet by preventing one-use items, like wedding attire or other formalwear, from sticking around. It's no secret that suits, gowns, and other fancy items occupy much closet space.

A minimalistic approach to clothing is a great way to feel more organized and less cluttered in your home to enjoy more space and create a more comfortable environment.

Fast Fashion

At Lands End, we are committed to providing clothing of the highest-quality materials crafted to last. Our clothing is void of fast fashion practices, and we continuously work to improve. However, many clothing producers get sucked into the fast fashion world.

Fast fashion involves using cheaper, more environmentally harmful clothing materials to supply more inexpensive options for sale. The result is that these clothing items only last for a short time before they fall apart, look dingy, or otherwise are rendered less than desirable. The end product is an increase in clothing waste in landfills.

Formalwear items can be expensive when purchasing clothing for special occasions, leading us to seek cheaper options, thus contributing to fast fashion. With renting, we access high-quality options without footing the entire bill.

Renting Clothing as a Less Expensive Option

When you rent formalwear, you can wear fancier, higher-quality clothing at a fraction of the cost. That way, you can contribute to a more sustainable future while looking good. You and the family will look festive and dapper at the big event without breaking the bank.

Renting is an excellent option if you have a big evening event and need men's blazers, a men's suit, and more. It's no fun to pay hundreds of dollars for cocktail dresses that you will only be able to wear once.

Childrens Clothing

Renting is a great option, especially if you have children. Many people don't know this sustainable option exists to rent clothing, but it may be a massive advantage. We all know how fast kids develop and grow out of clothing. It's one thing if you have several children and can employ the use of hand-me-downs, but it's an entirely different thing if you only have a single daughter and all of her girl's dresses and girls' blazers will hit the Goodwill pile in a few months when she quickly grows out of them. Consider the rental option, particularly if you have a special occasion coming up, such as a graduation, wedding, or formal dinner.

Imagine renting your boys' blazers and boys' sweater vests, for example, and saving money knowing he would have quickly outgrown purchased items.

Ski Trip

Another perfect reason to rent clothing is your upcoming family ski trip. Skiing and snowboarding require a ton of equipment, including snow gear, snow boots, ski boots, skis, etc. Imagine how much money you save by renting your gear, including snow pants, parkas, skis, etc. This idea is especially beneficial if you live in a warm climate and don't need cold-weather clothes for the rest of the year. Not to mention, if you have to fly, it's expensive to fly extra checked baggage. Just rent the clothing at the mountain!

Vet Clothing Rental Companies

With some research and a check into online reviews, you can quickly vet clothing rental companies to ensure you'll receive high-quality, comfortable clothing that will be perfect for the big event. It's essential that the rental company properly cleans any clothing you rent before you wear it. If you receive less than satisfactory clothing, contact the company right away.


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