Replenish Your Golf Wardrobe Before Spring

Replenish Your Golf Wardrobe Before Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and that means the golf courses will be ready for you sooner than you may be ready for them. If your golf game was a little out of form last year, maybe you just need a new wardrobe that helps you perform better. Here are some ways to refresh your golf wardrobe before spring and suit yourself up for a perfect round.

Breathable Jackets

Spring is unpredictable, or at least it is here at the Lands’ End headquarters in Wisconsin. The golf course might be white with frost in the morning, but by noon you might see temps that are 20 degrees higher. A jacket or vest is vital for springtime and even summer golf outings. Better yet, consider a lightweight waterproof jacket when showers are in the forecast, or a men’s fleece jacket when temperatures are on the chillier side.

Whatever jacket you choose, make sure it breathes well and doesn’t make you overheat once you get swinging or when you’re walking to the next hole. If it is a rain jacket you’re opting for, make sure it is waterproof instead of water-resistant. In terms of the fit, it should be snug, but not too tight. You don’t want it to be too constricting, but you also don’t want it to be so loose that it interferes when you’re putting or swinging.

Essential Golf Shirts

When it comes to golf, don’t make the mistake of assuming any old shirt will do. In fact, it might be the most important thing you wear. The material, collar, sleeves, and overall fit all have a lot to do with how well you swing. If the material is too thick, it can make you too hot and even sweaty. If it is too lightweight on a brisk spring day, it could make you too cold, and you can even risk injury to a muscle that isn’t warmed up properly.

It isn’t just about temperature. Some golfers tug at their sleeves before they hit a drive so the sleeve doesn’t interfere with their backswing. So you’ll want to make sure your shirt and jacket (if you’re wearing one) allow you to move through all levels of your swing. A short-sleeve men’s polo shirt might work for when you’re swinging, considering you can always have a jacket handy to keep you warm when you’re not.

Keep the following tips in mind when looking for the right type of material for the perfect golf shirt:

Go-to Golf Pants

Now that you have your golf top picked out, you can focus on the bottoms. Besides making sure they match your top, they should also have the same properties as golf shirts mentioned above. Try to look for pants specifically designed for golfing instead of just assuming that regular athletic pants will work. By purchasing men’s pants or shorts specifically designed for golf, you can ensure that they’ll have the features that allow for proper movement and performance. Don’t forget about the dress code for certain golf clubs too. Some are stricter than others.

You may also want to have a pair of golf shorts for those really warm days when the sun beats down on the green and seems to radiate right back up to your legs.

Shoes for 18 Holes

If your golf shoes haven’t seen an upgrade since Tiger Woods won his first major, it’s time to make sure you get a new pair. If your feet suffer, so will your game. Keep the following in mind when buying a new pair of golf shoes:


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