4 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress This Spring

4 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress This Spring

The change of season offers a time of reflection. While spring is the perennial period of renewal, for many it can also bring about a serious change in routine. While the holidays are a distant memory and people begin planning their upcoming getaways, it can be stressful to find peace and tranquility in the chaos of it all.

Whether you’re inundated with professional obligations, struggling to juggle your family responsibilities, craving some quality time with your friends, or just want to set aside some time for yourself, you know all too well the challenges that everything can bring when it comes at you at once. Here are a few effortless ways to reduce your stress this season.

Plan a Spring Staycation

You don’t have to arrange a grand getaway to actually “get away.” It can be as simple as a staycation that consists of a weekend trek to the nearest state park, pitching a tent in your backyard, or even relaxing at home. In order to get the most out of your staycation you will want to plan to make sure you don’t have to worry about what to do when the time comes. Think of fun activities that both you and your family will enjoy, that will still make it feel like a vacation from reality. For example, throw up a tent in the backyard with fun camp activities so that you’re still able to get out of your house and normal routine. With staycations, your possibilities are endless, and the best part is it won’t break your budget while you’re making memories that will last a lifetime.

Treat Yourself Occasionally

If your purchases consist largely of groceries and mundane essentials like cleaning supplies, and you very rarely treat yourself to fun splurges, then now is a good time to buy something that you simply want. It doesn’t have to be anything huge — a massive purchase might stress you out unless it’s something you’ve planned for and really need — but sometimes small items can transform your day and your spirit.

If you love to read, for example, you might buy an actual book and curl up with it on the weekend instead of reading it on your tablet. That kind of simple activity is nourishing and relaxing and can help you feel better if you’re overwhelmed by stress. Or you might book a massage at your favorite spa, or treat yourself to a pretty cotton dress that you can wear throughout the season and into summer. Think about what you really want and make that your priority.

Squeeze In a Workout

When you exercise, your body produces endorphins. These are natural chemicals that help in all areas of life, from improving sleep to reducing stress. Other activities can help boost your endorphin levels, too, like massages and meditation, but there’s nothing quite like getting your blood pumping and working up a good sweat.

You don’t have to do anything complicated to blast away your stress, either. Pull on a pair of comfortable women’s shorts, slip on a T-shirt, and do whatever you love, whether that means going to the gym, jogging around the neighborhood, walking around town, or even exercising in the comfort of your own home. Working out will help you get out of your head, even for a little bit, and focus your energy on something productive.

Clean the House

Spring is synonymous with cleaning, so you may not immediately associate this activity with relieving stress. But there’s truth to the claim that surrounding yourself with clutter can be detrimental to your sense of overall wellbeing. Slowly but surely, make it a point to chip away at the mess. Grab a trash bag and start tossing the things that aren’t usable, and create a separate pile for items that you want to give away.

The concept is similar to working out. You’re using that pent-up energy and putting it into an activity that has nothing to do with your stress — but that could ultimately help relieve your anxieties. Just make sure you’re comfortable because when you get into it you’ll probably be at it for quite a while. A lightweight women’s summer shirt and a pair of shorts or leggings are perfect.

Reflect on Your Everyday Routine

It’s easy to get caught up in the same routine every day. You throw on your polished knit dress and prepare for another day at the office. You make lunch for the kids. You do the laundry. You prepare dinner in the evening. You sit in traffic. You do it day after day, and it can become overwhelming.

Think about how you can implement small changes. You can’t do much about that traffic, but you can do things to ease your stress. Think about how that might look. Can you delegate responsibilities at home to others? Older siblings can help you prepare meals, for example, or help tidy up at home. The more assistance that you have, even with little things, the more time you’ll have to focus on your own needs. That could help you in so many ways: you’ll have time to sleep earlier, read a book for a while, or simply zone out with your favorite TV show. By making small changes however you can, you may start to notice a difference in your stress levels throughout the season.


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