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Cute and Cozy: 5 Reasons to Warm Up With Flannel

Flannel is fashion's answer to the blanket. It's just as cozy, but it's wearable. Is there really anything better than that, especially when temperatures drop dramatically from one week to the next and you're suddenly wondering where summer went? To the rescue comes the soft, incomparable material that works overtime to keep you comfortable when it's suddenly chilly outside. Whether you're snuggling up in a flannel shirt or slipping into a pair of ultra-warm pajamas, you can count on feeling blissfully happy when you're wrapped up in this dreamy fabric.


Flannel is almost shockingly versatile. The material is more than just a soft addition to your cold-weather wardrobe. It also happens to work well in nearly every situation! The same can't be said for most fabrics that make an appearance primarily during the latter stages of the year. With flannel in your arsenal, you'll always have something ready for the big game on Sunday, brunch with your friends, an impromptu dinner with your parents, or a day out at the pumpkin patch with your family. You might even be able to get away with wearing the material in a more creative corporate setting. The decidedly autumnal flannel is easy to wear almost anywhere, which makes it a wardrobe MVP that you can count on to look cute and keep you comfortable.


Whether you're sleeping on flannel sheets or slipping into a pair of pajamas, you can count on that material lasting for a lifetime. Each piece is made with true integrity and attention to detail. Structure and form reign supreme, which is why flannel shirts are designed with brushed cotton for supreme softness, a supreme weight that provides warmth without adding unnecessary bulk, and careful stitch work that contributes to beautiful craftsmanship. These thoughtful features contribute to long-lasting products you'll use and treasure for years.


The best types of flannel are brushed to elevate the texture of the fibers and lend the garment an even softer feel. It's this distinction that sets your flannel robe apart from everything else in the closet. However, it's more than just the soft hand that makes the fabric so special. Flannel keeps you warm without sacrificing your comfort. The material is lightweight and absorbent, and it won't trap so much heat in between that you end up wanting to escape. It's also synonymous with the coolest periods of the year, and it lends itself naturally to the other warm elements that you pull from the back of the closet at the first sign of falling temperatures. The nubby cardigans, fleece-lined leggings, and toasty booties are all great complements to your flannel collection.


You don't want to sacrifice your innate sense of phenomenal style in your efforts to stay warm. That's one key reason why women's and men's flannel shirts are so popular. They're timeless, for a start, and though they're highly emblematic of quintessential 1990s style, they fit in beautifully in any modern person's closet. It's to flannel's credit that it also presents you with hundreds of styling options. The shirt is just as easy to wear unbuttoned over a tee as it is tucked into a fit-and-flare skirt with booties. You can play around with the style in dozens of ways: throw it on with leggings for a warm and sweet game day look, wear it buttoned over a turtleneck to elevate your chilly-day style, and even make use of it in the spring when it gets a little cooler but doesn't quite warrant a thick jacket. In many cases, flannel shirts behave just like jackets–only more fashionable and easy to work into your everyday ensembles.


The ability to layer is what sets a basic flannel top apart from almost anything else in your closet. There's a "see and be seen" quality about flannel. It doesn't remain hidden like a layering vest beneath your coat might. It's very much the star of the show, and even when you wear a light jacket over it, you can expect that part of that vibrant plaid pattern will peek out and make itself known. Whether or not you want to make a statement, however, you can easily count on flannel to make you feel warmer when it's desperately cold outside. It all comes down to your layering technique. Wear it belted over a long-sleeve top and a pair of high-rise jeans or corduroy pants for your own take on style for cold weather. Or try it tucked into a pencil skirt and topped with a matching blazer for a look that's surprisingly glamorous. Men can layer a denim jacket on top of theirs for an instantly rugged look that will see them through even the most frigid days with ease.


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