6 Reasons a Shawl Wrap Makes the Perfect Gift This Winter

6 Reasons a Shawl Wrap Makes the Perfect Gift This Winter

Nothing says “cozy” like a shawl wrap. They’re soft, warm, and oh-so-versatile. Let’s look at some reasons why you will want to give someone the gift of being wrapped in warmth with a shawl wrap this winter.

Perfect for Going Out

If you are looking for something cozy and fashionable to throw on as you are going out the door, choose a fall wrap. Women’s scarves and shawl wraps make great gifts for this very reason. Every woman can use a shawl wrap hanging near her front door whether she is dashing out for a quick errand, a fun lunch with friends, or a casual evening out with her sweetheart.

Shawl wraps will look great with any classic look like women’s jeans and a women’s white blouse or a casual dress and will help her to warm up on a chilly day. If the weather is a bit warmer than she anticipates, a shawl wrap will be easy to leave in her car or stash in a tote bag.

Perfect for Staying In

Giving someone a shawl wrap is almost like giving her two gifts—one to wear out and one to wear while staying in. Let’s face it, sometimes the best way to enjoy winter weather is by looking at it through a window inside your cozy home. With the gift of a shawl wrap, she can brew a cup of tea or cocoa, settle in next to the fire, and enjoy a lovely break from the hustle and bustle while staying perfectly cozy. A shawl wrap is almost like sending someone a long-distance hug. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness every time she uses it.

Perfect for Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Travel can be relaxing, fun, and adventurous but getting there comfortably requires a little forethought. A shawl wrap will keep her comfy in chilly weather, aggressive air conditioning, and while going in and out of terminals, parking lots, and vehicles. It is easy to stash in a tote bag or carry on and makes a great makeshift pillow when rolled up. If she is traveling with little ones, a shawl wrap can even serve as a blanket to keep them cozy and help them nap en route. Anywhere you need a little extra warmth or softness while traveling, a shawl wrap will be there. If you are receiving the gift of company over a visit, why not send them home with the gift of a shawl wrap?

Perfect When You Don’t Know Their Current Size

Unless you ask everyone on your gift list their current size (and they know what it is and feel comfortable sharing it with you), giving gifts for women that are apparel can be fraught with guessing. If you guess either too small or too large, you not only risk giving them a gift they may not be able to use but it also could have an unintended offensive subtext. Shawl wraps to the rescue! They are not just cozy, they are truly one of the few “one size fits most” garments in existence. If someone is on the petite side, she can wrap the shawl wrap more tightly. If she is on the plus side, it will keep her cozy, too.

Perfect as an “Emergency Gift”

Have you ever been in a gift-giving situation and someone you didn’t realize was going to be at the gathering shows up? Perhaps your son brings his new girlfriend to meet the family without announcing it in advance, or knowing that you love to entertain, a family member brings a dear friend who is visiting from out of town that you haven’t seen in years. Whatever the scenario may be, having an “emergency gift” handy can be a good thing.

A shawl wrap makes the perfect emergency gift because it is not too elaborate, something almost every woman will love and is likely to be a great fit both literally and figuratively. And if you don’t need your emergency gift this year, just keep it on a shelf for next year when it may be just the thing to make your unexpected guest feel welcome and cozy.

Perfect as a Gift for Yourself

Often when we think of gift-giving, we focus entirely on others, but wouldn’t a shawl wrap or maybe a cozy women’s cardigan make the perfect gift to give yourself? After all, you deserve to be just as warm, cozy, and fashionable as your loved ones. Perhaps giving yourself a shawl wrap in a similar style or color as the one you give to a loved one would be nice.

Shawl wraps have so many uses, it's no wonder they make excellent gifts for any occasion. Why not give a shawl wrap as a gift today?


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