Rainy-Day Outfits for Spring

Rainy-Day Outfits for Spring

It can be challenging to put together a comfortable outfit on a rainy day in the spring. Not only is the temperature in the morning and evening lower than in the afternoon, but the rain can send mixed signals about what season it actually is. Overall, rain makes a typical spring day feel colder than a dry one. For some places, this may make spring feel like a flashback to winter for a day, while spring rain can feel quite refreshing in a hotter climate. So with such diversity in the weather and comfort levels, how do you put together the right rainy-day outfits for spring? This guide will show you some ideas on how to stay comfortable even when spring gets soggy.

Layer Up

The easiest way to stay comfortable on a rainy spring day is to layer your clothing. Therefore, if you feel chilly outside in the rain, you can have the option to wear a couple of layers to adjust how warm you feel. For example, when you head out for work on a rainy spring morning, wear a comfortable top like one of your women’s T-shirts underneath light- or medium-weight women’s cotton sweaters. By dressing up in layers, you give yourself the choice to stay bundled up or to cool off with just an underlayer. For this strategy to work, make sure the T-shirt isn’t heavily textured so you can wear it comfortably all day. It also should be in good condition and be able to stand alone as a fashionable top if you need to ditch the sweater.

Choose the Right Outerwear

Going out in the rain unprotected will make you feel colder than you need to be. Your two main options are to use an umbrella or wear women’s rain jackets. For the most protection against the rain, use a rain jacket and an umbrella at the same time. If you don’t have a proper rain jacket, any typical spring jacket like a water-resistant trench coat will offer some protection against the rain.

Absorbent materials like wool shouldn’t be your first choice but rather jackets with synthetic materials that function like windbreakers are fair options. You won’t need as much insulation in the spring, but there may be days when you do want something with some protective liners to lock in some heat. By knowing the type of temperatures to expect during your typical spring, you can shop with confidence to find the right outerwear for a rainy spring day in your locale.

Rain Boots

Slick walkways and randomly dispersed puddles make wearing flats or heels a risky prospect on a rainy day. For your safety, invest in some rain boots that can keep water out from every direction. There are many styles of rain boots to choose from. Duck boots are particular favorites for their style and performance. The lower rubber section is primed to handle the worst of rain puddles and mud while the upper leather part offers a touch of style that suits a variety of outfits.

Depending on how cold it is outside, you may decide on different types of boots. If you just need rain protection during a warm spring, then you can easily find some uninsulated rubber rain boots for great protection. If you want more style but still want to stay cool, some ankle-length boots won’t lock in too much heat and will add some desirable style to any office or weekend outfit. For spring days that are still a touch chilly, mid-calf or knee-high boots are also excellent choices. They look stunning when paired with some leggings and a sweater dress, too!

Add Cheerful Colors to the Mix

Despite the weather being dreary, spring still beckons some of the most cheerful colors in your yearly wardrobe. This is your chance to introduce seasonal prints like flowers and foliage and textures like lace and chiffon. It's always refreshing to break from the neutrals and darker colors of winter and fall. Each season has its mood, and embracing spring’s unique aesthetic will give you more joy. Here are some easy ways to incorporate more color into your rainy day spring outfit:

These rainy day outfit ideas are easy to wear when the weather gets soggy in the springtime. No matter what weather comes your way, you can stay stylish and comfortable all year long.


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