10 Best Waterproof Rain Jackets for Kids

10 Best Waterproof Rain Jackets for Kids

Rain clouds and storms are inevitable this winter season. Keep your kid dry in any climate with a boys' or girl's rain jacket that shields water, stands up against the wind, and locks in warmth. A wide range of rain jackets can take your kid from summer showers to torrential downpours, and with the unique designs and patterns now available, these best rain jackets for kids are sure to have your little ones begging to play outside, rain or shine.

1. The Traditional Kids' Waterproof Rain Jacket

Meet the most traditional, lightweight, and best-value waterproof rain jackets for kids and toddlers. With a thin polyester outer shell, these lightweight rain jackets are perfect for unexpected rainstorms and sprinkles. A mesh lining on the inside makes these jackets easy to slip over clothes, and while the jacket itself is not thick or too warm, it does add a windproof barrier that takes off some of the chill during commutes and city walks. Rain jackets like this also come with a packable pocket, making it easy to fold the lightweight jacket up into a small pouch and throw it in a backpack or bag. For the fashionista, these rain jackets come in an array of prints like camo and checkered patterns, most with hoods and pockets.

2. The Ever-So Versatile Waterproof Winter Parka

Every closet needs an extra versatile waterproof winter coats for girls for protection against the elements in the cold season. When colder temperatures are setting in, bundle up in a waterproof winter parka that is both waterproof, windproof, and snowproof. The versatile winter parka is insulated and perfect for mild temperatures, and the exterior shell is thin and waterproof, meaning your kid will stay comfortably warm while never worrying about getting wet. Pieces like the 3-in-1 Waterproof Winter Parka even include an insulated inner jacket that can be worn on its own for thinner and less bulky wear.

3. The Squall Waterproof Jacket for Toddlers & Kids

Introducing The Squall waterproof parka, a winter jacket for kids designed specifically for rain and snow. This rain jacket can withstand more serious temperatures, but its functions are endless with a lightweight waterproof shell that protects against rain and snow, a hood fixed with elastic so that it can shelter the head from rain, and inseam pockets to keep hands nice and toasty. This jacket really does have it all, including layered name tags for every kid that wears it on the toddler's edition. Unlike most other winter coats, this jacket can be machine washed and will bounce right back into place with full loft and fluffy insulation.

4. Insulated Down-Alternative Jackets with a Waterproof Layer

Cold rain, freezing temperatures. Sounds like a recipe for snow. Whether you're dodging rain clouds in subzero temperatures or expecting snow, insulated down-alternative jackets are the warmest winter coats, and they're made to withstand most of the elements, from ultra-low temperatures, chilling winds, torrential downpours, and snowstorms. Look for a fleece-lined winter coat or jacket with our PrimaLoft Insulation ThermoPlume®. This down-alternative creates the warmest layer to withstand the coldest temperatures. Additionally, the synthetic filling is blown into the shell of the coat, meaning the fluffy and lightweight material is never bulky or lumpy. When it comes time to clean your kid's coat, simply throw it in the washer and dry as normal—no tennis ball trick needed with this outerwear, as the material instantly fluffs back up.

5. The Ultimate Weatherproof Winter Coat

The Stormer™ collection of weatherproof coats and jackets is the best selection of kids' raincoats for wind, water resistance, and value. The jacket itself is lightweight and includes features like an EZ-zip zipper that holds in place during playtime. Designed for warmer temperatures, the polyester shells of these jackets come in all different colors and patterns for toddlers and kids. The design features a contrast color zipper and reflective zipper pull, so your kid will always stand out. Additionally, the SnowGuard wrist cuffs are a favorite for kids as they can slip their thumb through the cuff to hold the sleeves in place and protect against snow and rain. When adventuring outdoors, it's inevitable this rain jacket will rack up its fair share of grime and dirt. Simply throw it in the washer and dry it as normal whenever necessary.

6. The Packable Rain Jacket

Seeing rain in the forecast for a planned vacation doesn’t have to be the end of the world thanks to packable kids’ rain coats that easily fold up into its own self-storing back pocket, allowing plenty of room for other items in a suitcase or overnight bag. And while these jackets may fold up into tiny squares, they’re just as durable and waterproof as a classic rain jacket. The jacket is made from tear-resistant ripstop nylon, so no amount of folding and maneuvering will result in any holes in this rain coat. It’s an ideal item to bring on a trip or to keep packed away in your kid’s school locker. Plus, even if you don’t plan on packing it up, the packable rain jacket is a high-quality, waterproof item that’s great for any rainy day.

7. Fleece-Lined Rain Jacket

You know those days that are chilly, but too warm for a true winter coat? That’s where a fleece-lined rain jacket comes into play. It’s warm enough to fight the chill in the air, waterproof for any rainstorms, yet lightweight enough to keep your kid from getting too warm on a fall or spring day. Our fleece-lined rain jacket is lined with a cozy layer of polyester fleece on the inside while the outside fabric, a water-resistant ripstop nylon shell, is sure to keep your littles dry. The attached hood with elastic sides means no gust of wind can keep the hood from staying up.

8. A Poncho

When rain is blowing from all directions, a poncho can be a great rain jacket to keep your kid dry. Ponchos are long, often ending below the knee, have a big hood, and wide, long sleeves that never ride up. The jacket is meant to be baggy, so can fit over any outfit, no matter how many layers are underneath the poncho. In other words, a poncho can be worn on the coldest of days with layers of clothes and kid’s fleece jackets underneath, or can simply be thrown on over a T-shirt.

9. A Breathable Rain Jacket

Lightweight rain jackets made from breathable material are a great item to have on hand for kids who spend time outdoors at sports practice or running around in the yard. The breathable lining is made of mesh, so it’s not too warm and allows plenty of air flow to make its way through the rain jacket.

10. A Colorful Rain Jacket

Rainy days are inherently gray, which is why a rain jacket in a bright color or fun pattern is an ideal item for any kid’s wardrobe. There are rain jackets in all sorts of bright colors—yellow, red, pink— and all kinds of bright prints too.

While you’re at it, get your kid a pair of bright rain boots, too. You can get a pair with a striped pattern, camo pattern, or a cool tie-dye design.


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