Quick and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Quick and easy ways to decorate your Christmas tree

Some people have that extra special touch that’s needed for decorating their home for the holidays, and, well, some of us don’t. Despite our best efforts, holiday decorating just doesn’t turn out how we planned. Putting together Christmas trees can also be especially stressful. How do all the neighbors manage to get their trees looking photoshoot-ready? They must spend hours decorating those trees – and who has time for that? In what order do you decorate a Christmas tree, anyway? Take a look at our quick and easy tips for how to decorate a Christmas tree, and how to get it looking great (or at least passable) for the holidays.

About the tree

First off, what kind of tree you get does actually matter. If you get a real tree, you’ll love the soft piney fragrance that it gives off, plus the comfort and serenity that only comes from a real tree. You might not love the abundance of needles it’ll shed the whole time you have it in your house, and the daily vacuuming you’ll have to do. And this article is not about tips and tricks for making your holidays more labor intensive. So, maybe do yourself a favor and get an artificial tree. One that’s easy to set up. Maybe pop-up or umbrella style, super easy. If you miss the smell of a real tree, there are all kinds of candles and plug-ins you can get to make your house smell more Christmas-y!

Light tricks

You know what looks great on any Christmas tree? Lights! But lights can get tangled and messy, and so many of us have hung lights on a tree only to find that we’ve done it all backwards and now the plug is way up at the top of the tree! Let’s avoid that altogether by using battery-powered lights. Or maybe buy an artificial tree that’s pre-lit. Then you really won’t be sweating those lights at all.

Don’t forget the “ornaments”

Okay, so you’ve got your tree, and maybe it’s got some lights on it. Maybe not. Either way, you need some stuff to hang on it. Ornaments are small, breakable, and generally unimpressive, but you know what’s none of those things and still a Christmas classic? The needlepoint stocking, of course! Each needlepoint stocking is like its own little scene, and you can create a whole storyline with all the stockings we offer at Lands’ End. Why not just get a bunch of needlepoint stockings and hang them all over the tree? They’re like ornaments, but bigger, so each one covers way more ground, err, tree. While you’re at it, get some throw pillows that you can toss on the couch or some chairs. Throw pillows have similar designs and feel homey too, so they’ll blend right in with your stocking tree.

Keep that tree warm and bright

So, what if you’re looking for more coverage than lights or ornaments or even stockings? You’re thinking of full coverage. Lands’ End fleece blankets are available in a variety of sizes, prints and colors, and can be ordered in several sizes. Just because they’re intended for a bed doesn’t mean you can’t use them for other things, right? Go ahead and get yourself a couple king-size fleece blankets in fun colors and drape them right over that tree. What’s that giant fleece-covered object in the corner, guests might ask? Why, that’s your decorated Christmas tree, you can tell them, and it was easy as pie to decorate.

So, to sum up. To decorate your Christmas tree:

  • Pick a tree that fits your needs, but artificial is much cleaner and easier.
  • Pre-lit trees are much easier, but you can hang lights if needed.
  • Needlepoint stockings can make great ornaments.
  • Fleece blankets can cover up your Christmas tree in no time!

You did it! You conquered your fears of Christmas tree decorating. Wasn’t so bad, was it? If you’re feeling feisty, get some monogrammed bath towels and hang them in the bathroom. Then you should reward yourself with a mug of eggnog. You’ve earned it.

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