Guide to Purchasing Plus Size Swimwear

Guide to Purchasing Plus Size Swimwear

The sun is coming out, the days are getting warmer and it’s time to start looking for some cute new swimwear so you can take full advantage of those balmy summer days! Every woman’s body type is different, and finding a swimsuit that you’re comfortable in is key to helping you enjoy your days at the beach or by the pool. Take a look at our guide to purchasing plus size swimwear to help you find the perfect pieces! 

Have Your Measurements on Hand

The first thing you’ll want to do is to have your measurements on hand. This can do wonders for simplifying the process of looking for a swimsuit that has the right fit. Taking the time to take your measurements will certainly be worth the effort! So what measurements do you need in order to find the right fit for your plus size swimwear? All you need is a measuring tape and yourself!


One measurement you’ll need is your bust. To get this measurement, you’ll want to either be braless or wearing a bra that has no padding. Using a measuring tape, wrap it around your torso so that the tape goes around the fullest part of your bust. Be sure to keep it horizontal to the ground. Round it to the nearest whole number, and then you have your bust measurement.


The next measurement you’ll want to get for modest swimsuits is your waist. Take your measuring tape and, starting at the top of your hip bone, bring it all the way around your body, keeping it straight and level with your belly button. Make sure you have a comfortable stance and that you’re not holding your breath so that you get an exact measurement.


You’ll also want to be sure to get your hip measurement. Start at one hip and wrap the measuring tape around to your other hip and back to where you started. You’ll want to ensure that the tape is around the largest part of your rear so that you can get the most accurate measurement.


While a torso measurement could be taken by oneself, you might want a little help with this one. Starting at the bottom of your neck on your backside, bring the measuring tape down to the small of your back, making sure to hold the tape flush against your back. This measurement will prove to be very helpful in your search for the perfect plus size swimwear for women.

Choose Colors and Prints You Love

The next thing you’ll want to consider when looking for plus size swim tops and bottoms is what colors and prints you like wearing and feel most confident in. The ultimate goal with any article of clothing, but especially with swimwear, is to find something that you’ll feel comfortable in. If red is your signature color, find a bold red suit to help you make a statement. If stripes are your go-to, get yourself a swimsuit that features that print. It’s all about what helps you to best express yourself and your personal style!

Know Your Swimsuit Styles

Something that will prove to be extremely helpful when shopping for plus size swimsuits is to know and understand the different swimsuit styles you have to choose from. So what are some of the most common swimwear styles available for you?


There are few things more classic than a bikini. If you love this style, we recommend that you find a plus size bikini top that offers some underwire support, ensuring that you’re able to stay comfortable as you enjoy your time in the water. Whether you’re pairing your bikini top with a pair of classic swim bottoms or high-waisted shorts, this is a fun look that will never go out of style.


Wanting a two-piece option that offers a little more coverage? A plus-size tankini is a perfect option for you! Tankinis offer classic swimsuit bottoms with a top that covers your entire stomach. This offers the ease of use that comes from wearing a two-piece and the coverage that comes from a one-piece design. 

One Piece

Of course, there is always the standard one piece. You’ll find that some plus size one-piece swimsuits are intentionally designed to flatter the wearer. These styles incorporate things like colored paneling on the sides and underwire support for your bust. This is another classic swimsuit option that will always be in style!


If you’re looking for something that helps you feel feminine and cute while also providing a good amount of coverage, then looking into a plus-size swim dress could be the perfect option for you. Take the comfort and style that you get from a dress and combine it with the utility of swimwear, and you have the perfect hybrid piece to carry you through those warm days in the water!

Focus on Overall Comfort

There are a number of old-fashioned and outdated rules pertaining to plus size swimwear that can be thrown out the window. Whether you’ve heard that wearing something baggy will be best for your figure, or that black is the only way to go for a plus size swimsuit, you should know that the most important rule of fashion is to focus on your personal comfort. What styles, colors, and patterns help you feel beautiful? When you purchase your swimwear on that basis, you’re sure to feel comfortable and confident!

So as you start getting geared up for those lazy days lounging by the pool and playing at the beach, be sure to take some of our tips into consideration for your plus size swimwear purchases! Find some plus size swimsuits that fit your style and get ready to have some fun in the sun!


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