How to Properly Care for Men's Big and Tall Swimsuits

How to Properly Care for Men's Big and Tall Swimsuits

Knowing how to care for men’s big and tall swimsuits correctly can help you keep your swimwear looking fresh and fabulous! All it takes is a few simple tips and tricks to keep it looking like new all summer.

Buy Quality Swimwear at the Start of Summer

First things first: when you're ready to buy your summer swimwear, choose the best quality possible, from your trunks to men's rash guards to everything in between. Whether you prefer board shorts or men’s swim trunks in shorter lengths, there’s something to be said for choosing well-made swimsuits. You can feel confident knowing that the fit is right and the construction is solid enough to see you through the season with ease and peace of mind. In addition, quality brands will hold up better over time. This aspect, partnered with the right care, will help you keep your swimwear looking its best for a longer time. Choosing quality fabrics that resist chlorine and saltwater will also benefit the look and feel. UPF fabrics not only will stay looking newer longer, but they’ll also give you the sun protection you need to stay safe through the season.

Pack Them Properly

Once you’ve chosen the quality swimwear you want in the look and style that suits you best, it’s time to get down to business with the right care. It can be easy to just toss them in beach bags without another thought, but taking a moment to care for them can make a difference. Avoid packing your swimwear with items that have sharp edges or small metal parts that can snag the material. Check your bag to make sure it is clear of any debris or sand from your last trip. Consider placing your swimsuit in a separate plastic shopping bag, reusable bag, or zipper bag inside your main carryall. This is also a great place to stow your suit when it's wet after use.

Rinsing Makes Things Right

No matter what type of men’s big and tall swim trunks you prefer, one simple tip that helps preserve them is rinsing them after use. You can do this in several ways, whether it’s simply rinsing them off in an outdoor shower beside the beach or running them under water after changing in a private restroom. Rinse them thoroughly in cool water to help remove sand, saltwater, chlorine, and debris. Gently wring out men’s swim shirts and shorts afterward, and stow them in your bag until you are ready to wash them.

Read the Care Instructions for Your Swimwear

It may seem basic, but remember to check the care instructions on your label. The specific care for your swimwear can vary depending on the manufacturer, fabric type, style, color, and more. When you follow the specific instructions on the label, you’ll get it right every time and preserve that fresh, new look.

General Washing Instructions

In general, men’s big and tall swimsuits can be washed using the following method. Treat any stains with a spot remover product. Then use a mild detergent and handwash the items or wash them on the gentle cycle in the washing machine in cool to lukewarm water. Take care with darker colors such as red or navy; these should be washed on cold. Avoid using any additives or fabric softeners to keep them at their best. However, you can consider adding a small amount of white vinegar to the cycle to help remove residue and naturally keep the fabric soft.

Drying Men’s Big and Tall Swimsuits

It's generally best to air-dry any men’s big and tall swimwear. Unless it says otherwise on the care label, avoid putting your swimwear in the dryer. Instead, you can lay it flat on a drying board or hang it on clothes hangers and allow it to air-dry naturally. Do not place your swimwear on pegs to dry as the fabric can bunch or clump and prevent it from drying thoroughly. Once your swimsuit items are dry, store them neatly away from direct sunlight in a drawer or closet shelf where they will not accumulate dust or other irritants.

Note on Frequently Used Swimwear

For men in a situation where their swimwear will be used quite frequently, such as on a trip, vacation, or a getaway, you can put off washing them after every use. If they are rinsed thoroughly and allowed to air-dry, you can typically wear them several times without rewashing them. If odor is a concern, air-dry them outside or mist the swimwear lightly with a gentle fabric refresher or a simple vinegar-and-water mixture.

Treat Your Trunks Right

Your men’s big and tall swimwear will last and keep on looking its best with the right care. From the simple packing to basics to washing and drying them correctly, you can look fabulous in your swimwear with ease. Don’t forget to discover all the other great summer looks, like button-up shirts and men’s shorts too!

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