Prepping your kid’s backpack for a busy day at school

Getting your kid ready for school is an art. There are teeth to brush, hair to comb and an empty backpack that needs to be filled with everything needed to make it through the day. Filling their bag with the right supplies – and a treat or two – goes a long way toward helping them succeed in the classroom.

A good lunch is a must, so keep your kids energized by preparing a healthy midday meal. You can even clip their lunchbox to the loop on their backpack to keep it from disappearing. Fill a reusable water bottle up at the sink and tuck it in the mesh side pocket so they have something to drink when they’re thirsty. Don’t forget a couple of cookies, too!

And no matter the weather, make sure they have a light jacket to toss on if it gets chilly. After all, how many days start out bright and sunny, but end with rain and wind? Try a lightweight, kid's waterproof rain jackets that fits inside a zippered pouch you can place in the front pocket of their pack so it’s always there when they need it.

Of course, kids need school supplies and you can slip them into the little pockets on their new laptop backpack. There’s a place for markers and pens and a padded sleeve just for their laptop. You can even put their housekeys on the special clip to keep them from getting lost (again).

If you have a teen, add some self-care items to their bag. A toothbrush and toothpaste are nice for after lunch, especially if they have braces. Gum or mints also do the trick; just pop them inside the inner zippered pocket. Toss in some deodorant or body spray for after gym class. Does your daughter have long hair? She might appreciate a small can of dry shampoo and a folding brush. If their pack has two main pockets, you can keep their personal hygiene supplies separate from school stuff, helping them stay organized.

Speaking of teenage girls, a few period supplies are always good to have. Put some into a little pouch to keep things discrete and maybe add some medicine in case she’s not feeling well (but check and see if it’s allowed at school). It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

And don’t forget their homework! If your kid is taking a freshly-printed essay to school, place it inside a folder to keep it from getting wrinkled and ripped, or smeared with anything that falls out of their lunch box. The same goes for a permission slip you’ve just signed, or a drawing for art class.

Even if you have everything your kid needs, they’ll still struggle if they have a poorly-made pack. Lands’ End bags are made from extra-tough polyester and designed to endure plenty of abuse. They also have padded straps to protect their shoulders, reflective strips to keep them visible to cars and tons of handy pockets and pouches for all of their stuff, making it easier to stay on top of things.

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