Post-Mastectomy Summer Activities for the Outdoorsy Mom

Post-Mastectomy Summer Activities for the Outdoorsy Mom

When the weather gets warmer, there are so many things to look forward to. There is no more cold weather to keep you inside, and now it’s time to enjoy all your favorite outdoor activities. If you just had a mastectomy, you may have questions about your wardrobe and what activities you can get back into. The good news is that you can do everything you used to do and even more post-mastectomy.

This is your chance to find something new and adventurous to celebrate your life and personal victories. Whether you want to wear your new mastectomy swimwear on a long-awaited cruise or start training for that 5K you’ve always wanted to do, these summer activities we’ll keep your summer full of outdoorsy fun.


After your mastectomy, you can get back to all the activities you love to do outside, including swimming. After a mastectomy, you need a swimsuit that’s going to stay in one spot. Whether you decide to use breast forms or not, one-piece mastectomy swimsuits are made to give excellent support and stay in place. They also have modest or high necklines to promote a seamless and natural shape.

One-pieces are also convenient to take with you since you don’t have to worry about separates and packing matching pieces. You can easily slip on a swim skirt or cover-up on top and transition to land activities as well. The only thing you need to remember is to bring a breast form if you want. The choice is up to you how you want to look and the silhouette you want to create every time you go out to the water.

Outdoor Yoga

Whether you like traditional yoga or want to try something a little different (like goat yoga), taking this gentle exercise routine outdoors is a lot of fun. Mastectomy tankini tops are excellent separates for any physical exercise. Match them with your favorite leggings or yoga pants for a cute outfit that’s ready for any fitness class!

We also love how the high modest next line of mastectomy tops looks exactly like the type of yoga clothing you would find in the activewear section in a department store. If you get one made out of chlorine-resistant and UPF 50 materials well, you get the bonus of sun protection while doing outdoor activities. You could also get even more protection by wearing a long-sleeve women’s rash guard over your tankini top to protect your arms and back.


If you like high-octane activities and speed, then you would enjoy taking on a biking hobby. You can explore the city trails with a lightweight bike, or you can go on rugged paths with a mountain bike. Since a mastectomy high-neck tankini top has everything you need to secure breast forms no matter how you move, they match perfectly with your bike shorts and other gear. Since this moisture-wicking swimwear is designed to be in wet environments, this top is prepared for all the sweat and grime associated with exciting sports like biking.


Roughing it outdoors is a lot of fun, but it’s even more enjoyable when you wear clothing that feels comfortable and made for humid midsummer conditions. Mastectomy swimwear tops are ideal for camping because they are a shirt and bra, making it easy to transition from land to water activities easily. When you are active on land, the moisture-wicking materials keep you cool and ventilated. When you’re in the water, the secure cups keep your breast forms in place and help you dry quickly when you’re out of the water. Wearing a swim top as a regular shirt also eliminates any unnecessary wardrobe changes during the day.

Water Skiing

Going fast on water skis is one of the biggest summer thrills. When you wear a high-neck mastectomy top and swim shorts, then you can confidently pursue all the extreme water sports in your comfort zone. When you go on water skis, having the right mastectomy top makes all the difference in your confidence and style. You can also choose a zip-up top to select your level of modesty and switch up your style. This is your time to pursue all the adventure and zest of life. Take the ski handle into your hand and go forward into your next exciting chapter of life.

Life after your mastectomy is full of possibilities. Check out these awesome summer activities for outdoorsy moms like you.


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