Best Plus-Size Activewear for the Gym

It’s a proven fact that the more comfortable you are and the more confident you feel in your clothes, the more likely that you’ll go to the gym. It's hard enough to get ready for a regular day! That feeling can be amplified when trying to find clothes that fit you just right when you’re on the treadmill, bike, or yoga mat, not to mention clothes that look good at the same time.

If you haven't found clothes that feel and look good, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get to the gym for a workout. Your clothes should support the way your body moves and play a part in getting you out the door. Here are some recommendations on what to look for to make sure you’re buying the best plus-size activewear for the gym.

Plus-Size Shorts

A pair of shorts should be comfortable in that they shouldn’t “ride up” and they should allow for a range of motion without rubbing or twisting. There should also be enough coverage to hide any parts that are more for the beach than the bouldering or rock climbing wall. Mesh is ideal as it can stay dry when working up a sweat. Look for an elastic waistband that also has a drawcord for extra customizability to fit the activity you're on today.

A Side-Cinch Tank Top

Finding a shirt that fits in a flattering way without being too floppy or too tight can be a struggle. One mistake many women make is feeling like they have to dress in baggy clothes to cover themselves up. Don't forget that the reason you're at the gym is that you love yourself and want to continue to improve on the gifts you already have. Embrace your body as it is, and show off your figure with a side-cinch tank top. The elastic on the sides provides added visual details while also providing more flexibility for your workout.

High-Waist Plus-Size Leggings

Whether full-length or capri-length, high-waist plus size leggings are great for the gym. A wide elastic waistband ensures that it won’t roll over or fall, as it comfortably stays in position. Having the right amount of stretch ensures they are comfortable and move with you, but don’t stretch so much that they’ll lose their shape. Whether for yoga, Pilates, running or even lounging on the weekend, a high-quality pair of leggings are a woman’s best friend no matter what.

High-Impact, Full-Coverage Sports Bra

Finding a sports bra that provides enough support without becoming uncomfortable is a priority for all women. Typically, wire cups offer more structure and support but are not your friend when exercising. Finding a sports bra that has wire-free cups but can still lift your bust and maintain that support throughout several workouts is rare, yet possible. Look for one that is made with multiple layers of stretch and has an adjustable hook closure in the back to make sure it fits just right. If there's any pulling after you put it on, size up.

Plus-Size Swimsuit

Swimming is a great low-impact sport that burns lots of calories. Plus-size swimwear for women now comes in a variety of comfortable, flattering styles to boost your style in the gym’s pool. Stay away from bikinis unless they’re made for actual swimming rather than lounging on the beach. Also, stay away from swim skirts as those don’t really glide through the water with you as other bottoms would. Some boy shorts with a tankini is a popular option that will keep you covered and stay in place while you swim.

A Post-Workout Hoodie or Fleece

Don’t forget that after you work out and sweat, you can’t stop too quickly or you’ll risk illness and injury. Your body and your muscles need time to cool down. If your body is hotter than your surroundings, it is more susceptible to viruses. Plus, your muscles need to slowly cool down as well instead of being shocked by the change in temperature or by suddenly staying stagnant.

Take some time to cool down naturally post-workout instead of rushing out the door of the gym into the cool air. Walk a couple laps around the gym, or stay on the elliptical or treadmill for the programmed cool-down period instead of jumping off right away. When you do leave, you’ll want to look good and stay slightly warm, so cover up with something like a hoodie or a fleece jacket.

Finding an outfit that fits well isn’t as difficult as it seems, and you have every right to rock some fashionable activewear at the gym to keep you healthy and confident.

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