What's Better:  Plus-Size Swim Shorts or Plus Size Swim Skirts

Plus-Size Swim Shorts or Plus-Size Swim Skirts: Which Works Better for You?

Plus-size swim shorts and skirts are both fabulous options for summer activities. If you're struggling to choose between these two popular styles, get some tips on the advantages of each to help you decide.

Benefits of Plus-Size Swim Shorts

Plus-size swim shorts make it easy to look great during your busy summer. These are not only stylish but also extremely functional. They can be made from traditional swimwear fabric, but some are made from lighter weight, quick-dry fabrics that make it a breeze to help the water evaporate after every swim. If you're a lady who likes to get in and out of the water often, these could be a great option.

Advantages of Plus-Size Swim Skirts

Plus-size swim skirts are also a terrific option. These offer the flawless combination of cute and sophisticated styles all in one package. Consider these elements when deciding if swim skirts are right for you.

  • Effortless Elegance: If you're looking for a swim bottom that has a stylish silhouette and an elegant feel, a cute plus-size swim skirt is ideal. While swim shorts are stylish in a sporty way, swim skirts have a more streamlined look that is ideal for ladies who prefer sleeker styles. They are perfect to wear for get-togethers, evenings at the beach, dates, vacations, and everyday wear.
  • Easy to Mix and Match: Since many swim skirts are made using swimwear fabrics, they look like a perfectly matched set when paired with any swim top. Choose from tankinis, strapless swim tops, cap-sleeve swim tops, bikini tops, and more. Since the designs are modest and have more coverage than a standard swim bottom, you may even be able to wear your swim skirt without a cover-up if you wish. Since some designs are sportier and made with quick-dry fabrics, those can be paired easily with cute rash guards as well as standard swim tops.
  • So Many Design Options and Lengths: If you're leaning toward a swim skirt, you're not relegated to one style. You can choose from lengths including mini, mid-length, and longer versions. Styles include straight, straight with small slits, A-line, and even designs with pleats, ruffles, and other embellishments.

Down to the Last Detail

When you are considering swim skirts, other aspects to think about include:

  • Swim skirts are available as plus-size high-waisted bathing suits. Some have thick elastic waistbands for comfort and style, while others offer smaller elastic waists.
  • Many swim skirt styles come with the option for tummy control.
  • Tons of colors and prints are available, from bright polka dots to classic black.
  • Some versions are available with leggings for extra modesty.
  • Some styles come with sun protection.

Why Not Get One of Each?

Let's face it, your summer calendar is filled with lots of activities. The perfect solution might not be deciding whether plus-size swim shorts or a plus-size swim skirt is right for you — it might just be picking up one of each! They can be mixed and matched with everything from a plus-size tankini to a bikini top or T-shirt. Having both on hand also means you have options for every summer outing and event.


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